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This place represents my personal journey through the world of music. Here you will mainly find Blues-Rock, Southern-Rock, Blues, Jazz and a little bit of everything. I only share music I enjoy (from 2012 or elder). Albums from lossless sources are always ripped in VBR0 and lossless files cannot be restored.

To make this possible I am supported by a few friends, my visitors and many artists.

I highly recommend, if you hear something that you like, please buy the CD, visit concerts & gigs or buy merchandise. Support the artists!

If your music is on my blog and you wish it removed, contact me (southernbluesrock at gmail dot com) and I will take it down immediately.

On request I promote artists and publish your articles, videos, free music-downloads, tour-dates, ... (check all the promo-posts here: link)

!!! Please support locations that support live music !!!

In 2018 the blog got a memorial section where you can post your condolences for your beloved favourites

Enjoy the stay on my blog!

The BluesGambler

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tom7865 said...

You need to seriously consider using another file service other than userscloud. Not only is it extremely slow for free users but it contains numerous pop up adds some of which contain ransomware as I found out as it froze my PC and demanded money to fix. It is not a service you want associated with your blog.