Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Kid Andersen 2006 Greaseland (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 257 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:41
Size: 93,30 MB


Kid Andersen is an ambitious young Norwegian guitarist who arrived in California in 2001 and has since become the guitar player in Charlie Musselwhite's road band, has replaced Charlie Batty in the Nightcats and also played with harp players R. J. Mischo, Mark Hummel and John Nemeth.

This is his third solo CD and is a concept album no less, "describing the life of a broke, disillusioned drunkard musician who loves to have a good time but is often overtaken by the blues". This concept would seem to describe any blues record and in practice comes down to mentioning 'Greaseland' in the lyrics of several of the songs. There is much traditional Chicago-style blues here featuring excellent harmonica by Norwegian Richard Gjems but Andersen's guitar and the production manages to bring something different to every track. We get off to a fine start with the atmospheric "It's dark in here" and the rocking "C'mon Johnny, let's hit that town" both featuring great guitar and harmonica. Andersen displays a whole range of guitar styles from straight blues, swamp, jazz, funk and surf-rock and his huge vibrato recalls Otis Rush and Danny Kirwan. Added to this, his production creates some wonderful soundscapes, particularly on the eerie Skip James song "Devil got my woman". However, I don't think he really adds anything to Peter Green's definitive version of the Duster Bennett song "Jumping at shadows", which includes some nice late-night organ playing and is pleasant enough in its own way. (G. E. Harrison)


01 - It's Dark In Here 03:13

02 - C'mon Johnny, Let's Hit That Town 02:22

03 - I'm Tired 03:19

04 - Jennifer, Jennifer 02:24

05 - Devil Got My Woman 04:28

06 - The Dirt People 03:36

07 - Brandy! 04:13

08 - Strange Land 04:47

09 - Slimy Town 02:30

10 - The Bender 04:57

11 - Mexico Kid! 02:41

12 - Greaseland Boogie 02:55

13 - Jumping At Shadows (Duster Bennet) 04:08

14 - Conclusion 00:13

15 - Whiskey! 03:55

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