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Southern Gentlemen 2000 Exotic Dancer Blues (LL)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 273 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 01:03:09
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United States

I feel like I have stepped out of the year 2000 and traveled back in time to the late 70s or early 80s. Southern Gentlemen is the blues rock outfit fronted by David T. Chastain who is more known for his fretburning exploits than his bluesy vocals. The rest of the group is rounded out by Kevin Kekes on bass and Dennis Lesh on drums. Chastian set out to create an album of the same kind of music that inspired him to start playing the guitar in the first place. For years Chastain had tried to get this project out to the public but there were always other commitments. Now he has finally released “Exotic Dancer Blues” which is a 13 track cd of hard rockin blues in the vein of ZZ Top, Lynrd Skynard and AC/DC. More bluesy in fact than any of these groups.

The cd opens with the track “Drive Me Wild” This is probably my favourite song on the disc and displays some nice wah on the guitar and a simplistic guitar and bass backing track that just lets the guitar and vocals of David T. Chastain shine. Did I mention that Mr. Chastain is also a very fine vocalist? He has just the right quality to his voice to compliment this type of music. “Exotic Dancer Blues” is up next with a nice riff that would be at home on any AC/DC disc. This is a close second in terms of favorites on the cd. “Madness in the Dark” is a nice ballad that has some nice guitar licks from Chastain. Its just a basic laid back tune but in the capable hands of the Southern Gentlemen it sounds timeless. “What To Do ” brings the cd back to the rockin world and just keeps your feet tappin and “Give Me Your Lust” sounds like the little brother to AC/DC’s classic track “Whole Lotta Rosie”. The CD closes out with the old fashioned blues drenched cut, “Time Traveller”.

If you like blues rock then don’t miss this CD. Southern Gentlemen have created a timeless collection of bluesy hard rock. They aren’t afraid to play the kind of music that influenced them even though it may not be the “in” thing at the moment. David Chastain must also be commended for his vocal work. He has the perfect voice for this type of music as it is deep and rich. Who knew that he had this hidden talent? Finally I can’t forget the cover art. It is a picture of, you guessed it……. an exotic dancer. A beautiful blonde wearing only a black guitar. As good a reason as any to buy this cd!!! (Rick)


01 - Drive Me Wild 05:58

02 - Exotic Dancer Blues 04:31

03 - I Feel So Blue 05:10

04 - Don't Be Shy 05:25

05 - Too Hot For Love 04:51

06 - Madness In The Dark 05:41

07 - What To Do 05:14

08 - Down To New Orleans 04:53

09 - Back Door Woman 06:04

10 - Ease The Pain 04:11

11 - Tonight 04:14

12 - Time Traveler 06:57

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