Friday, February 9, 2018

Jeff Chaz 2001 Tired Of Being Lonely

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:27
Size: 105,12 MB

United States

No doubt, Chaz can caress traditional blues standards with the best of them. His song "Seafood Department Blues" should come with a warning label that reads: "Caution, this song contains highly addictive substances and will cause you to listen over and over........." It is the quintessential "blues riff" tune. But the depth of his talent starts where most musicians' know-how ends. "Don't Shave Your Legs Tonight" is the beginning of his departure from the traditional; it is raw and unassuming - but its that unafraid approach to everything he does that wins Chaz honors as a real innovator. "Aint Smellin Too Good" will make you laugh with the lyrics and rock to the beat. Musical "outsider" predecessors like Frank Zappa would have embraced Chaz as a brother. He explores every crevice inside a song, and the outer edges of every thought as each new track unfolds. This CD is unbelievably HOT STUFF!!!!! (Robert C. Ellenson)


01 - I Can't Wait No More 03:35

02 - Don't Shave Your Legs Tonight 02:35

03 - Bourbon St. Blues Man 03:09

04 - Child Support 06:35

05 - Tired Of Being Lonely 03:53

06 - A Chill In The Air 05:05

07 - Breaktime 04:20

08 - Seafood Dept. Blues 05:37

09 - Lie To Me Baby 04:02

10 - Talk To Me Baby 04:01

11 - Ain't Smellin' Too Good 03:55

12 - Sounds Like The Blues To Me 03:26

13 - Everybody Knows 07:14

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