Saturday, January 13, 2018

The NaveBlues 2016 The Ghost Collector

Striking an towering and commanding presence, Nave Pundik is the handsome, well dressed, Viking-esque harmonica blowing musical wunderkind behind The Naveblues, a revved up, rock infused roller coaster ride of toe curling, sonic energy. Infusing the best of Zeppelin I, the intrinsic passion of Steve Miller and the stripped-down soul of Little Walter, "The Bird/Ghost Collector" is rock and roll goodness drilled down to it's very core. Filmed in a deserted, decrepit insane asylum in the scenic, fjord-filled majesty of northern Norway, this video takes you on a chilly, creepy journey to learn if there are still spirits infused in the halls of this scary, crumbling edifice. Watch and find out!

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