Friday, March 16, 2018

Smokin' Joe Kubek Band feat. B'nois King 1995 Cryin' For The Moon (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 273 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:57:43
Size: 110,69 MB

United States


01 - In One Hand (And Out The Other) 06:16

02 - You're My Brand 03:08

03 - You Haven't Hurt Me 08:10

04 - Corn Palace 04:40

05 - If It's The Last Thing I Do 05:20

06 - One More Song 04:21

07 - Cryin' For The Moon 02:56

08 - Changes Made 06:50

09 - We Had To Wait 03:48

10 - Step On It 04:12

11 - You're So Hard To Understand 03:23

12 - The Life You Save (Could Be Mine) 04:39

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Mojo Chyld 2018 Raw

Mojo Chyld is an Austin based Blues band that brings a soulful yet funky blend to the historic genre. They perform a mix of original songs and the classics. There are currently five members that make up the collective and each brings his own experiences and vision to the table to form a dynamic groove that not only packs the dance floor, but keeps it rocking.

Their Blues will Rock ur Funky Soul.

You should check out track 4 - Pitiful or track 5 - Blues Lady.

The band would kindly ask if someone could review this album in comments!


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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Little Bob 1991 Alive Or Nothing

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:08:43
Size: 125,81 MB



Little Bob: Chant
Steve Hunter: Guitares
Gilles Mallet: Guitares & Chœurs
Tony Marsico: Basse & Chœurs
Kenny Margolis: Claviers, Accordéon & Chœurs
Jerry Angel: Batterie


01 - All Or Nothing 03:21

02 - Hurt So Badly 03:50

03 - Nobody's Born To Loose 05:45

04 - True Love 04:13

05 - River Of No Return 04:02

06 - Ringolevio 04:26

07 - I Wanna Be Free 03:11

08 - Keep On Running 03:24

09 - I Can't Wait 04:21

10 - Too Young To Love Me 04:16

11 - Another Kind Of Battle 05:23

12 - King Bee 05:32

13 - Light Of My Town 01:58

14 - Roads Of Freedom -- Kick Out The Jams -- Riot In Toulouse 15:01

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The John Earl Walker Band 2005 People Are Talkin'

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:02
Size: 114,43 MB

United States

People Are Talkin' sees the John Earl Walker band coming home to the blues while still keeping the faith to the rock and roll influences that lay at the bands heart. It also mixes in a much wider blend of musical genres than their previous effort Little Miss Perfect.

This is an astonishingly well written, produced and performed album, a winner from the raspy intro of People Are Talkin' to the last note of Welcome Back Mr. Blues.

The title track opens pretty much in the same fashion Little Miss Perfect left off, blues rock, hard and direct driven home by a relentless riff and guitar/harp crossfire. This is classic John Earl Walker. The straight ahead blues of It's All Up To You follows. A gritty heavy roller that again features the guitar work of Walker and harp mastery of Johnny Byrne dominating the song and exposing the bands more rootsy underbelly. No doubt about it this band does some good rock n roll but they do great blues.

John Earl Walker in particular really leans into his playing on this disc and turns out his best recorded work to date. He is simply all over this record. The decision to record this effort with the same full band as on Little Miss Perfect proves to be the right decision. Walker has the security blanket of a rock steady rhythm section behind him here allowing the guitar wizard to completely run amok. Rocker Introductory Plan and the shuffle Lyin' And Cheatin' are both good examples. Using a mellower approach on I Got A Feeling' adds a key element to this record. The power of a potential single that could reach beyond just the devoted blues consumer. It could also provide some valuable insight to any "big" label that is looking for some well rounded talent. The best was yet to come with the second half of the record, starting off with the slow lumbering Too Sad Too Weep, which could have easily belonged in the Rolling Stones catalog during their "Some Girls" period. It's catchy lyrics and sing along melody make it another song that cry's single. Just a great song. Switching gears again, Pretty Baby is 100% country, John Earl Walker style. The best vocals on the CD are on this track with the singer falling easily into a mode where he seems most comfortable.

With ease of effort, switching from blues to rock to country and being able to do it convincingly makes this record unique and inspired. It's all about chemistry and there is a truck load of it on this disc. For those of you that like groove oriented blues, I Still Got It Bad is just for you. This one burns. Down home & dirty, sunglasses at midnight music.

While People Are Talkin' has surpassed all other John Earl Walker releases there is one element missing. Solo wise, keyboard ace Gene Cordew is relatively absent on this disc and is relegated more toward a supporting role. His explosive playing on Little Miss Perfect (check out Follow My Heart) added so much to the intensity of that album, and I feel would have done the same thing here. There's more fire in the belly on Little Girl an up tempo boogie woogie again with impressive harmonica and lead taking center stage. Riveting as "People" was to this point, the final track qualifies as a masterpiece in comparison. Welcome Back Mr. Blues stamps in granite the undeniable fact that the John Earl Walker Band is a blues band at it's core. They may use rock and roll as a vehicle but the blues is it's transport authority. The opening thirty seconds on this track will leave you nothing less than awe struck at the sheer ferocity at which Walker can unleash when he so desires. The song, over seven minutes in length never wilts for a moment, a blues blitzkrieg and shows the whole band at their very best. It pushes the whole album to a 10.

This is required listening to any follower out there that likes their blues with a harder edge. I know one thing, with this review over, People Are Talkin' goes from my review file to my personal CD stand. (Steve Landy)


01 - People Are Talkin' 04:32

02 - It's All Up To You 08:00

03 - Introductory Plan 03:35

04 - I Got A Feelin' 04:46

05 - Lyin' And Cheatin' 03:22

06 - Too Sad To Weep 06:00

07 - Pretty Baby 04:13

08 - I Still Got It Bad 05:19

09 - Little Girl 03:27

10 - Welcome Back Mr. Blues 06:48

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Studebaker John 2004 Between Life & Death (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 267 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 01:01:30
Size: 117,09 MB

United States

Album Notes

Between Life & Death shows Studebaker John at the top of his lyrical and musical powers. The album incorporates many styles and influences – blues-rock, improvisational jam and groove, New Orleans R&B, West Coast swing, and, of course, Chicago Blues – and has a stripped down live-in-the studio feel that is true to Studebaker John’s stage performances.

Destiny cannot be denied. Remarkably, the recording session for Between Life & Death came about by accident.

"Shortly after returning from a month long tour of the UK, I was called into a recording session, along with drummer Earl Howell & bassist Felton Crews, by a well-known blues artist who shall remain nameless. We arrived at the session to find that it was cancelled because this artist had over-indulged at a local pub and was in no shape to work. We seized the opportunity handed to us to record these songs, which we had been playing daily while on the road. After two years of planning and frustration, the record was completed in one marathon live-in-the-studio session that felt "just right" to everyone involved. I hope you enjoy listening to these songs as much I did writing and recording them." (Studebaker John)


01 - Between Life & Death 04:43

02 - This Road 04:42

03 - I Deceive Myself 04:50

04 - When I Look Into Your Eyes 06:04

05 - Crazy For Your Love 05:55

06 - Hard Place & The Ground 04:43

07 - If I Had A Nickel 05:46

08 - I Don't Know 05:41

09 - Can't Forget About You 04:43

10 - That's Why I'm Living 05:56

11 - Cold Chills 08:27

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Bugs Beddow 1983 Bugs Beddow

Genre: Jazz
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:36:17
Size: 83,03 MB

United States

Rare private Jazz Boogie LP.


01 - Life 05:38

02 - Columbian Strut 07:04

03 - Lake Erie 07:00

04 - Lake Superior 04:46

05 - Jump Street 04:42

06 - Icarus 07:07

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Smokin' Joe Kubek Band feat. B'nois King 1994 Texas Cadillac (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 280 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:49:47
Size: 97,44 MB

United States

For their third album for Bullseye - and third collaboration with Ron Levy at the board - the band is present in its natural state, as a four-piece. So what you see her is what you get live: Smokin' Joe and B'nois bouncing guitar riffs back and forth - B'nois preaching the blues and a rock solid, road tested rhythm section that knows its way around a shuffle ...

With each successive album, and the extensive national touring that has resulted, Joe, B'nois and the band have sharpened their attack and tightened their material ...

It creates a sound so big, it could only come from Texas! (Jake Guralnick)


01 - Mellow Down Easy 03:16

02 - Still A Fool 05:36

03 - Seems Like A Million Years 03:11

04 - Show You What They Say 02:10

05 - TV Light 05:46

06 - Mean Old World 07:10

07 - Texas Cadillac 04:12

08 - Where Can You Be 03:26

09 - Little Red Rooster 04:45

10 - No Time 02:51

11 - Must Have Missed A Turn Somewhere 07:24

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Widespread Panic 2002 Live In The Classic City

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 03:29:53
Size: 480,04 MB

United States

Live In The Classic City, a three disc, twenty-seven track release was recorded in the band's hometown of Athens, GA, on April 1, 2 and 3, during their Spring 2000 Tour. For the first time ever, the band asked the devoted legion of fans that come to shows and record them from the audience, to leave their equipment at home for these shows. This was in anticipation of being able to release live music never been heard before. This immaculate recording spotlights Panic classics and fan favorites including, "Chilly Water," "All Time Low" and "Bear's Gone Fishin'." The band also pays homage to some of their favorite bands and artists with covers such as "Blight," by Vic Chesnutt, "Ride Me High," by JJ Cale and "Red Hot Mama," by George Clinton.

Widespread Panic is known for the wide variety of musicians they invite on stage and Live In The Classic City features these very special guests: Bill Berry (R.E.M.); Count Mbutu; Charlie Pruet (Allgood); Dr. Arvin Scott; Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones); Randall Bramblett (Traffic, Steve Winwood); Yonrico Scott (Derek Trucks Band); Anne Richmond Boston (Swimming Pool Q's); Col. Bruce Hampton; Derek Trucks and John Keane. To add to the good time, the band also invited crew and family members, Peter Jackson and Garrie Vereen to perform. (



01 - Action Man 04:35

02 - Chilly Water 04:03

03 - Pleas > Chilly Water 12:06

04 - C. Brown 05:42

05 - Lilly 08:23

06 - I'm Not Alone 06:10

07 - One Arm Steve 03:34

08 - Flat Foot Flewzy 05:44

09 - Surprise Valley 07:09

10 - Blight 06:58

11 - Walkin' 04:57


01 - All Time Low 05:01

02 - Mercy 09:08

03 - Ride Me High 16:23

04 - Drums 16:37

05 - Time Is Free 11:41

06 - Climb To Safety 08:17

07 - Blue Indian 05:40


01 - Bear's Gone Fishin' 06:22

02 - Waker 03:58

03 - Dyin' Man 04:30

04 - Stop And Go 10:33

05 - Hatfield 12:07

06 - Tall Boy 06:01

07 - Red Hot Mama 05:48

08 - Worry 10:51

09 - Let's Get The Show On The Road 07:35

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Monday, March 12, 2018

The John Earl Walker Band 2005 Little Miss Perfect

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:46
Size: 132,09 MB

United States

This New York-based guitarist has been electrifying audiences for the past 40 years. Digitally remastered, Little Miss Perfect captures a little bit of what it’s like to hear John Earl and his bandmates tear the house down.

Right from the opening guitar licks of “Last Time Out,” Walker and his smokin’ band of blues brothers get down to business. The tempo of this opener is aided by the guest harp of Johnny Byrne. “Hurricane” is another scorcher that slows the tempo down but recalls some of the best tunes by the late Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble.

Picking up the guitar as a 13-year-old, Walker has never looked back, continuing to hone his chops over the decades. One of his main influences, T-Bone Walker, echoes throughout the recording, but Walker has certainly developed his own blues style. Backed by a stellar lineup of musicians that individually over the years have played with everyone from B.B. King and Buddy Guy to Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters, Little Miss Perfect is a perfect mix of blues scorchers and soulful songs. Featuring a dozen Walker originals, this CD shows that even after four decades, this blues guitar great is not slowing down. (David McPherson)


01 - Last Time Out 04:40

02 - Hurricane 05:40

03 - It's Me 03:26

04 - What You Gonna Do 04:09

05 - It's A Shame 04:58

06 - Follow My Heart 06:34

07 - Comin' Home 03:38

08 - She Looks At Me 03:31

09 - You Let Me Down 05:00

10 - Gave Me Your Heart 05:04

11 - Little Miss Perfect 04:40

12 - Can't Let You Be 06:26

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Lonnie Brooks, John Hunter & Phillip Walker 1999 Lone Star Shootout (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 255 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 01:03:40
Size: 118,77 MB

United States

Review by Michael G. Nastos

Louisiana-born and Texas-toughened, Brooks (66 at the time of this recording), Hunter (68), and Walker (62) show what blues peers can do in what seem to be peaking years. There are three numbers where all three go full-tilt; the rest of the material varies in personnel, group, and solo emphasis. The distinctive, gutsy voice of Brooks, Walker's loping guitar lines with his slightly rough, seasoned voice, and the riveting presence of Walker on all counts, musically and vocally, are showcased to consistently satisfying levels. Of the 15 cuts, there are a handful of rockers and boogies, a few pure soul tunes and ballads, a jump blues, a Cajun calypso, and some straight blues -- something for everyone.

The hard-swinging "Street Walking Woman" and the slower shuffle "Feel Good Doin' Bad" are great musically, if lacking in message. Walker gets a back-to-back showcase on "I Can't Stand It No More/I Met the Blues in Person," and he tears it up. Brooks pleads and shouts on "This Should Go on Forever," while Hunter's highlights are the cautious "Alligators Around My Door" and the B.B. King cop on "Quit My Baby." Score some plus points for Kaz Kazanoff's sax and harp playing, and the horn charts are mighty fine throughout. Speaking of unsung heroes and heroines, credit pianist Marcia Ball on three cuts, Riley Osbourn playing keys on the others, and Ervin Charles, who does yeoman-like vocal and guitar work and gets two showcase cuts on his own, the best being the Muddy Waters closer "Two Trains Running."

This is a historic joining of three blues legends, with so much talent you have to give huge props.


01 - Roll, Roll, Roll 03:23

02 - Boogie Rambler 03:09

03 - A Little More Time 04:21

04 - Bon Ton Roulet 03:54

05 - Feel Good Doin' Bad 04:15

06 - Alligators Around My Door 05:18

07 - Street Walking Woman 04:22

08 - This Should Go On Forever 03:40

09 - You're Playing Hooky 03:21

10 - Born In Louisiana 05:08

11 - Quit My Baby 04:11

12 - I Can't Stand It No More 03:54

13 - I Met The Blues In Person 05:01

14 - It's Mighty Crazy 03:46

15 - Two Trains Running 05:57

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Studebaker John & The Hawks 2001 Howl With The Wolf (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 273 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:52:25
Size: 98,23 MB

United States

Four years after his last release, Studebaker John Grimaldi and his Hawks are back with an all original Chicago blues style CD. This disc features a variety of infectious tempos the likes of which are not often heard. It is quite refreshing to have a modern blues musician who writes songs today that are reminisent of years past. John's harp playing is sharp, his vocals pleasing, and the rythym is tight. This is some good party stuff and is highly recommended. Potential clunker: Juke Joint Jump, otherwise, its flawless. (deepbluereview)


01 - Burned By Love 05:07

02 - End To The Lies 04:35

03 - Juke Joint Jump 03:57

04 - Meant To Be 04:22

05 - Nothing For Nothing 05:15

06 - Rich Man 04:56

07 - Harpology 03:47

08 - Don't You Take It 03:50

09 - Nothing Comes Easy 04:01

10 - Don't Know What You Do 04:15

11 - Lock & Chain 04:39

12 - Howl With The Wolf 03:41

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