Sunday, September 10, 2017

Terry & The Pirates 1980 Doubtful Handshake

Genre: Rock
Rate: 268 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:39
Size: 85,29 MB

United States

In 1980 Terry & The Pirates set out to record their first album, though they had been in the studio many times before, this was the first time they went in with the goal of making a record versus just recording some songs, albeit some great songs.

"The Doubtful Handshake" was a group effort with each member bringing in their own contributions to the album. The studio was what would now be considered old school with its multi-track tape, but back then it was state of the art and recording decisions had to be made on the fly by the engineer and producer.

In those days the Pirates were so accustomed to playing together that as Terry put it "We could knock out live basic tracks in one take so we were in and out in one day", and then over dubbed everything else later. Keep in mind it was 30 years ago since "The Doubtful Handshake" was recorded, and there's not a whole lot to remember about these sessions, because back then, as one person recalled, "it was better living through chemistry and the family pharmacist was always around".

The overall consensus concerning the Doubtful Handshake sessions was that they all had a real good time and had lot of fun making music and hanging out together.


01 - Ain't Livin' Long Like This 04:39

02 - Inside & Out 03:12

03 - Into The Wind 03:21

04 - Inlaws And Outlaws 06:04

05 - Montana Eyes 04:37

06 - Highway 04:09

07 - I Put A Spell On You 04:39

08 - All Worth The Price You Pay 05:28

09 - TD's Natural Blues (Bonus) 03:21

10 - Walking The Plank (Bonus) 04:09

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