Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lisa Biales 2012 Just Like Honey

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:01
Size: 107,58 MB

United States

Step in and join the fun as Lisa Biales tackles rootsy musical influences in supreme fashion, making »Just Like Honey« no ordinary mashup of originals and long ago expired blues standards, but a excitement filled package of neatyl executed numbers, proving her as a formidable song stylist and performer.

She is resourceful, there's no denying that. To be absolutely fair, a large part for making this such a unique sounding record has to be credited to the band performance, which is flawless throughout the whole set. The combination of the two, the voice and the music, works miracles, feeding of each other in a creative musical symbiosis. No prisoners are taken as Lisa pulls some truly cheeky and daring moves, without having to the deal with the devastating consequences that normally follow most such manoeuvres. Her crystal pure voice copes brilliantly with the cover Memphis Minnie's "Call The Fire Wagon", dusting off this long forgotten blues gem with a country motivated approach. Mark that spontaneous clarinet solo giving the song that extra feathery fell. Lisa is keen on unravelling her musical influences. Neatly queued up are inspired takes on the captivating "Through the Eyes of a Child", "Yonder Come The Blues", Candye Kane's "Gifted In The Ways Of Love" and the brilliant cover of soul filled Etta James' number "Damn Your Eyes". Still, Bonnie Raitt's "Give It Up" is perhaps most efficient in locating the spot where Lisa's motivation for developing her musical talent came from.

The original also make room for of exciting musical display. "Gypsy Woman Blues", perhaps a somewhat common blues workout, eventually starts its bid in this lust spitting contest when Tommy Talton's picks up his slide guitar to do a solo. Lisa's rousing voice connects instantly with Tommy's acoustic thrills on "Come To Me". Nothing fancy here, this is 100 per cent organic, passion filled musicianship perfectly corresponding to Lisa's vocal works. "Peaches" exploits this stimulating relationship on a jumpy country blues plain, while extra pace put through "Watch Out Baby Don't Cry" proves that Lisa has an abundance of aces dangling from her sleeves no matter where she turns. (Daniel Pavlica)


01 - Call The Fire Wagon 02:32

02 - Just Like Honey 03:18

03 - Sugar 03:10

04 - Gifted In The Ways Of Love 03:21

05 - When You Were Mine 03:38

06 - Yonder Come The Blues 03:23

07 - Gypsy Woman Blues 03:31

08 - Damn Your Eyes 03:34

09 - Come To Me 03:31

10 - Peaches 03:02

11 - Give It Up 03:19

12 - Blues Stay Away From Me (feat. Eg Kight) 03:37

13 - Watch Out Baby Don't Cry 03:17

14 - Through The Eyes Of A Child 03:48

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