Friday, September 1, 2017

Fox 2011 San Francisco Session (LL)

Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Rate: 266 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:52:32
Size: 102,28 MB

United States

An unreleased album from this post "DAY BLINDNESS" band, recorded in 1969/70. This album is a heavy bluesy psychedelic masterpiece of the highest order. It is virtually the second "DAY BLINDNESS" album with slight personal changes, but musically in a more heavy psychedelic direction. The lead guitarist Gary Phil is well known today for being the guitar player of BOSTON. Here he plays an amazing psychedelic guitar and it reminds us in parts of the mighty MARIANI's "Perpetuum Mobile" album. Superb bass guitar by Johnny V. Vernazza and crazy drums by Roy Garcia, who later went to play with the legendary band GOLD (of Rockadelic Records fame!). Only one 45 single was ever released of those fantastic sessions on "Studio 10", and the single is mega rare these days. A treasure lost at the time which we are very pleased to present to you today!!!


01 - Susie S. Kalator 06:34

02 - Sun City 06:20

03 - I Can't Take It 04:59

04 - Keep On Livin' This Way 05:28

05 - I Was Alone 04:49

06 - Geraldine 06:28

07 - Parckman Farm (Bonus) 11:01

08 - Baby, Please Don't Go (Bonus) 06:53

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