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Blueass Blues Band 2001 Crossing (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 266 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 01:02:12
Size: 122,96 MB


Review by Greg Johnson

Anybody who has ever questioned the ability of the Blues being played by non-Americans need not worry. Just take a listen to the bands in the Scandinavian countries of Northern Europe and you'll quickly dispel any notions to the contrary. I have recently been taking a closer listen to some of the more established artists of this region with new-found excitement. Hearing Swedish artists such as Sven Zetterberg, Pelle Piano and Knockout Greger Andersson has opened my mind to want to explore others. So, when Portland's own Burnside Distribution hooked up with the Swedish Blaze Records label, it caught my attention rather quickly.

The first joint release through this collaboration is the newest release by Blueass Blues Band, who've been together since 1981 displaying some mighty fine Rockin' Blues. Their music has been compared to the works of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and with good reason, as they can certainly pull off that Texas-styled Bluesy swagger quite convincingly. "Crossing" is the band's fourth release and it is packed full of original tunes and exceptional musicianship. The quartet is made up of twin guitarists and principal songwriters Peter "PG" Gustavsson and Ralph "R&B" Broqvist, along with bass player Morgan Jansson and drummer Per Hero; all of the members share in vocal duties.

The selections on this CD are wide-ranged, all of which are deftly crafted with excitement. The opening tune, "Like A Bluesmachine," goes straight for the jugular right off the bat, it's in-your-face and fast-paced. Just the right type of song to grab your attention immediately. From there, it's a real mish-mash of jumpin' numbers including highlights such as "Behind The Smoke" with its raucous Rockabilly beat; "You Hurt Me,"a Jimi Hendrix/Earl Hooker-styled wah-wah guitar piece; and the closing tune, "Life Is A Mystery," which blends a mournful slide guitar with amplified harp supplied by Johan Hjortsberg.

If you've ever questioned European artists playing the Blues, check this recording out. It'll definitely place a whole new outlook on your thoughts regarding the subject. I'm hoping there's a lot more coming from the Blaze/Burnside connection!


01 - Like A Bluesmachine 03:29

02 - The Blues Is Still Alive 05:14

03 - Miss You So Much 04:40

04 - Behind The Smoke 04:02

05 - You Hurt Me 04:03

06 - Blues For Ye, Baby 04:35

07 - Hard Rain (Pick Up The Pieces 05:42

08 - Coming Home To Me 03:46

09 - Can't Be Cool 04:59

10 - The Love Train 04:35

11 - Be My Baby One More Time 03:51

12 - You Can't Change The World 04:17

13 - Find My Baby 03:31

14 - Life Is A Mystery 05:04

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