Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bill Wharton & The Ingredients 2001 Gumbo Man (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 232 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:49:07
Size: 81,27 MB

United States

Bill Wharton, the Sauce Boss, along with the Ingredients - JB, Majic and Shannon - has provided another great helping of Liquid Summer seasoned blues gumbo for his eager flock. This disc is a masterful blend of outright, full head of steam rockin' tunes like "Mama Don't Allow" and "All That Meat And No Potatoes"...soulful, heartfelt and tugging love and redemption songs like "Ruby" and "Play for You"...funky, weird and wonderful "Gizmo" and blues that make you want to cry they're so damn good like "Wild and Tender", "Child of Fortune" and "Country Boy Blues".

Each song is a masterpiece in its own right - the interaction between these four outstanding musicians is water for "real music" parched ears with each break and solo run an incredible work of auditory art - and Bill brings them all to a rolling boil with his mind blowing slide guitar and energized vocals. Ten of the twelve cuts are Bill's own and you just have to marvel at his delivery and be amazed at his creative process - the results of which deftly blends mind, soul and spirit into recipes for living life as a very large time. Anyone that's seen a live Sauce Boss show knows Bill is the master showman/chef/charmer/blues wizard - this CD captures a hell of a lot of his live show feel. [If you haven't seen Bill and crew live do so - your life will be changed forever!]

When you need a big smile from some mighty fine music this disc will fix you right up - put it on, turn it up and be amazed. Praise the Lord and pass the GUMBO MAN!! (Dale)


01 - Wash My Spoon 02:52

02 - Wild And Tender 06:05

03 - Mama Don't Allow - Crawdad Song 04:41

04 - Child Of Fortune 05:08

05 - Ruby 04:42

06 - So Good 04:32

07 - Gizmo 04:31

08 - Play For You 03:35

09 - Small Town 03:59

10 - Country Boy Blues 03:00

11 - All That Meat And No Potatoes 04:27

12 - Along Here 01:35

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