Friday, July 28, 2017

Johnny Mars 1980 Mighty Mars

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:07
Size: 84,50 MB

United States

Back in 1980 Johnny Mars' 7th Sun were one of the hottest live bands playing the club and college circuit, led by South Carolina blues harp player extraordinaire, Johnny Mars. Enhancing this smoking line-up was virtuoso bass player and Johnny's first lieutenant, Wayne Elliot, who Johnny took with him into his next project, Mighty Mars. It's a pity 7th Sun never recorded a live album on one of the many gigs they performed in 1980, as it was Johnny's best ever line-up and I had the honour of supporting 7th Sun several times with my own band, The Alsatians.

Unfortunately the 7th Sun line-up dissolved in November 1980 and Johnny then formed Mighty Mars and recorded the album of the same name for JSP the following month. Although not in the same league as 7th Sun, the album is still essential stuff for Mars' fans and contains lots of 7th Sun numbers such as the stomping 'Imagination', the boogie-fied 'Mellow Down', live favourite 'I'll Go Crazy' and the slow brooding blues of 'If I Had A Woman' which was such a live highlight at the time, a real tour-de-force for Johnny's unique harp style which utilised feedback techniques and won him the accolade 'the Hendrix of the Mouth Harp'. Some of the tracks from the original vinyl long-player have oddly been omitted here, notably the rousing 'You Don't Have To Go' but there are several extra tracks included that weren't on the original vinyl release. It would however have been nice to have the complete original album plus the extras, but never mind. Mighty Mars is an extremely well recorded album which sounds great on the ipod too. An underrated musician and a giant of the mouth harp, this album is recommended to fans of electric blues and lovers of good music everywhere - check it out! (Alan Draper)


01 - Horses & Places 03:23

02 - Imagination 03:21

03 - Desert Island 08:35

04 - Johnny's Groove 06:35

05 - Cash Ain't Nothing 03:04

06 - I'll Go Crazy 02:32

07 - If I Had A Woman 08:46

08 - Watch Yourself 02:47

09 - Mighty Mars 02:22

10 - Rocket 88 02:27

11 - Mellow Down 02:15

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