Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jeff Chaz 2003 Cookin' In Old Grease

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:06:47
Size: 106,94 MB

United States

Warning! This CD may cause your stereo to burst into flames! Jeff Chaz, the Bourbon Street Blues Man, is back with a scorcher of a disc. Cookin' In Old Grease is a high energy set from the get-go, with plenty of intense guitar, sweaty funk, and some of the most impassioned vocals heard in a long time.

In addition, he is also a great songwriter, as displayed on the opener, "I Can't Get Lucky With You", "I've Got To Be Clean", "I Could've Been A Doctor". The slower track, "Instrument of Pleasure", builds in intensity so slowly and deliberately that you're nearly exhausted upon its completion. However, the guitar is at center stage on the steamy instrumental "Humidity", the funky "Morning Coffee", and on the nine-minute title track which closes the album. Though he lists his influences as Albert King, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Adams, among others, he reminds me a lot of D.C. bluesman Bobby Parker (of "Watch Your Step" fame) with his singing and fretwork. The band, some of New Orleans' finest, is excellent, and so is the production by Chaz. (Graham Clarke)


01 - I Can't Get Lucky With You 04:12

02 - Instrument Of Pleasure 05:40

03 - I Smell Somethin' Funky 04:38

04 - I've Got To Be Clean 03:53

05 - Humidity 05:19

06 - The Scent Of A Woman 04:56

07 - Don't Go Monkeyin' Around 03:18

08 - Sweet, Sweet Love 06:12

09 - I Could've Been A Doctor 04:42

10 - You Knock Me To My Knees 03:38

11 - You Don't Believe A Word I Say 03:56

12 - I Give You All My Lovin' 02:24

13 - Morning Coffee 04:40

14 - Cookin' In Old Grease 09:19

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