Thursday, July 27, 2017

Here Come The Mummies 2011 Bed, Bath & Behind

Genre: Funk
Rate: 249 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:59
Size: 91,50 MB

United States

Album Notes

Once again the boys in bandages were able to draw on their four thousand years love and loss to create an album that will bring you closer to that stinky, sweaty rotting flesh feeling. Listening to this record you will feel as if you are closer to the band than ever before. You will feel like you’re driving across the desert in a cargo van for twenty hours with out air-conditioning. Like you’re having a Jump with Java, cuddling with Cass, a tea tasting with Tut, spooning with Spaz, eating with Eddie, or going to the optometrist with Oozie. O.K. I know that was weak but give me a break this is their fifth record this century. But still, buy the record it will get you laid.

Here Come The Mummies make no legal claim that listing to, buying this record, or coming to their shows will help you get laid.


01 - Jump On My Ship 03:50

02 - It's On Tonight 03:31

03 - She Parties 03:28

04 - Platinum 03:02

05 - Aeroplane Blonde 03:55

06 - Bed, Bath & Behind 02:46

07 - Overdo It 03:07

08 - Glamazon 04:16

09 - Ripe 03:05

10 - That's What She Said 03:34

11 - The Rub 03:08

12 - The Worm 04:29

13 - Stick It 08:48

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