Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Harry Lee & The Back Alley Blues Band 2002 Long Time Comin'

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:29
Size: 92,71 MB

United States

The CD is comprised of six completely original Blues gems and a wonderfully crafted tribute to Elmore James in a medley of "Talk to Me Baby " and "Dust My Broom." Recorded in Salt Lake City, the album combines the talents of the Back Alley Blues band and two guest guitar players to provide a diverse Blues record that swings, shimmies, shakes, and rocks!

Harry Lee gets out and struts his stuff on harmonica and vocals on the six new tunes he and the band wrote. This album is the real thing. Real Blues and all the Blues is supposed to be! Michael Ricks produced the record specifically focused on simplicity, using as few microphones and overdubs as possible. All of the rhythm tracks were laid down in ensemble format and the chemistry of the rhythm section will flood through your speakers. Your foot will tap and your fingers will won't have a choice once this CD in your player!

Solid, bass-driven rhythms provide a broad soundscape for lead guitar players Mitch Olson, Eric Sopanen, and Richard Waters to paint every color and texture of the Blues. Eric Sopenen's uptown-smooth guitar on the opening cut "On My Way Back Home to You" smolders through the shapely groove and Harry's sexy vocal like the smoke of a fine Cuban cigar. Mitch Olson peppers the next three cuts with incendiary string-straining bends and four-wheel drive slide guitar over Mike Ricks Voodoo funk and deep South shuffles. Harry Lee's story Blues, "Showdown" will have you sweating in the humid Mississippi heat with it's grinding groove, searing harmonica work, and dripping vocals. Eric Sopanen's guitar shines again on "Shame and a Sin" as he lends his journeyman solos complimenting Harry's heart wrenching vocal about good love gone bad. "Salt Lake City's Got the Blues" is a fast swinging call to the World to dance and sing the Blues as SLC hosted the 2002 Winter Games. The final cut of the record finds Mitch Olson and Nashville guitarist Richard Waters dueling in the on a top-down Blues with a groove as bright and hot as the Southwestern sun it was born under. This record will leave you begging for more great Blues grooves from Harry and the Band. Purchase your copy today, it's guaranteed to satisfy! (


01 - On My Way Back Home To You 04:11

02 - Blackest Cat Bone 05:47

03 - Bluesman In The House 05:10

04 - Showdown 07:24

05 - Elmore James Tribute 06:03

06 - Shame And A Sin 05:27

07 - Surgeon General's News 03:10

08 - Loosen Up 03:17

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