Sunday, July 16, 2017

Chris Duarte Group 1997 Tailspin Headwhack (LL)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 248 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:52:56
Size: 98,19 MB

United States

Review by Thom Owens

Chris Duarte's debut album, Texas Sugar/Strat Magik, promised great things, and his second album, Tailspin Headwhack, doesn't fail to deliver. Like its predecessor, it's a dynamic collection of hot Texas blues-rock powered by Duarte's muscular, tasteful playing. There's still a lack of distinctive original material, but that doesn't matter, because he infuses each song, from the single "Cleopatra" to a cover of B.B. King's "The Thrill Is Gone," with energy and passion. Most importantly, Duarte is beginning to break away from his Stevie Ray and Hendrix influences and establish himself as a talented stylist in his own right, and that's what makes Tailspin Headwhack a successful second record.


01 - Cleopatra 05:02

02 - Crimino 05:24

03 - The Thrill Is Gone 05:07

04 - Drivin' South 05:04

05 - Catch The Next Line 04:29

06 - Tailspin Headwhack 04:37

07 - People Say 05:51

08 - Crazy 04:32

09 - .32 Blues 07:25

10 - Watts 05:25

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