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Burning Tree 1990 Burning Tree (LL)

Genre: Rock
Rate: 271 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 01:03:29
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United States

Listening to this album is like taking a trip back in time. It may have been released and recorded during the 1989/1990 period, but it has all the hallmarks of an early 70's southern rock album. I remember listening to albums such as White Witch, Tin House and thinking that Burning Tree could've been shakers and movers had they existed in an earlier timeframe.

The title track 'Burning Tree' contains all the attributes of yesteryear acts, fuzzy guitar work, stinging solos and echoed vocals. The entertaining title of 'Wigs, Blues And High Heeled Shoes' borrows some licks from SRV and could well be a Texan blues classic. 'Fly On' was one of the songs being pushed by the label at the time of the album's release, and one can hear this song had great potential. Ford's guitar work astounds, full of wah and fuzz. 'Mistreated Lover' is lighter fare, with a dash of hammond organ filling out the sound, a cool song, I like the solo on this one too. 'Masquerade' moves in a heavier direction, it has a Led Zep sort of guitar rhythm (think 'Immigrant Song') but changes points on the compass quite a bit. The solo is an exercise in moving targets, using Jeff Beck as a guide. 'Playing In The Wind' sees Burning Tree mixing melancholy and intensity for a smouldering 70's based rocker. 'Last Laugh' is a hard driving track with a stuttered drum back beat, heavy on hi-hat and crash-ride which gives it plenty of energy. The same could be said for the fiery 'Same Old Story'. When the band slows down to catch its breath, it unfolds nicely, as evidenced on the commercial 'Crush', or the gorgeous acoustic flow of 'Bakers Song' for that matter. The last two songs on the original album include 'Baby Blue' and the strangely titled 'Turtle', for which the lyrics make the song to be something about an outrageous funky dance move! The Rock Candy reissue includes four additional live tracks recorded at The Marquee in London during April 1990. Here, you get to listen to Burning Tree in their natural environment, tearing up the stage with their brand of rockin' blues. (


01 - Burning Tree 03:41

02 - Wigs, Blues And High Heeled Shoes 03:45

03 - Fly On 03:43

04 - Mistreated Lover 04:22

05 - Masquerade 03:00

06 - Playing In The Wind 04:07

07 - Last Laugh 04:06

08 - Crush 03:30

09 - Same Old Story 03:30

10 - Baker's Song 05:39

11 - Baby Blue 03:23

12 - Turtle 04:58

13 - Burning Tree (Bonus - Live) 03:47

14 - Fly On (Bonus - Live) 03:52

15 - Mistreated Lover (Bonus - Live) 04:27

16 - Same Old Story (Bonus - Live) 03:39

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