Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Blodwyn Pig 1994 All Tore Down

Genre: Rock
Rate: 250 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:07:59
Size: 120,38 MB

United Kingdom

review by Bruce Eder

It would be difficult to imagine a better live album coming from the likes of the Blodwyn Pig. The music is pure R&B, mid-'60s British style only more soulful than most of those bands ever got--Abrahams and company perform dazzling, passionate renditions of their best songs, including "Lies," a tribute to Alexis Korner ("I Wonder Who"), and even an extended (17 minutes, no less) version of "Cat's Squirrel," a song that Abrahams brought to Jethro Tull's This Was back in 1968. One of those rare cases--you might say a unique example--of a revamped, reformed sixties/seventies band outdoing its original incarnation on every count.


01 - It's Only Love 03:13

02 - All Tore Down 04:39

03 - Lies 05:03

04 - Billy The Kid 06:42

05 - I Wonder Who 10:33

06 - The Victim 05:36

07 - Cat's Squirrel 17:04

08 - Slow Down 03:39

09 - Dead Man's Hill 11:30

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