Saturday, June 17, 2017

Skin 1998 Hasta La Vista, Baby!

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:28:27
Size: 202,35 MB

United Kingdom

"Krusher Intro" says it all. The British media turned their backs on good quality, exciting rock music years ago, at a time when British rock music was in resurgence. The result of this is that Skin found themselves in a position where they only had one option - to break up.

This album was their parting shot. And what a parting shot. Never really a huge venue band, Skin thrived on the intimacy of small places. The fact that those small venues were always packed to the rafters should have been an indication of their popularity.

But chart success was always going to elude them. Nobody wants to listen to loud rock music on the radio anymore. And we are talking loud!!! This album seems to split between CD 1 which concentrates on the "Experience Electric" album, and CD 2 which showcases the others - sadly no longer available (thanks EMI!!).

There are no standout moments on this album - they are all standout moments. Check out the rendition of "Mah Na Mah Na", a tip of the hat to the Muppets, and an indication that the band never took themselves seriously. Also included is their version of "Unbelievable", a version which literally knocks the socks off the original.

If a highpoint had to be picked, however, it would have to be "Tower Of Strength", "Perfect Day" and "Colour Blind", a slap in the face of those who think that rock musicians cannot write thoughtful lyrics. As a swansong, this was certainly the way to go. But the swansong should never have come. Music like this deserves more coverage both in Europe and America. (a customer)



01 - Krusher Intro 01:48

02 - Experience Electric 04:08

03 - The Only One 03:40

04 - Blow My Mind 04:15

05 - No Way Out 03:42

06 - Make It Happen 05:39

07 - Soul 04:41

08 - Shine Like Diamonds 04:24

09 - Let Love Rule Your Heart 05:50

10 - Tripping 03:47


01 - Love Like Suicide 04:14

02 - Perfect Day 03:49

03 - How Lucky You Are 04:33

04 - Unbelievable 04:06

05 - Mah Na Mah Na 02:09

06 - Money 04:21

07 - Shine Your Light 06:18

08 - House Of Love 01:16

09 - Colour Blind 01:02

10 - Take Me Down To The River 01:16

11 - Look But Don't Touch 07:04

12 - Tower Of Strength 06:25

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