Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Michael Hill's Blues Mob 1994 Bloodlines

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:38
Size: 138,74 MB

United States

review by Ron Wynn

If it's possible to label anything "new," Michael Hill's Blues Mob are taking a "new" approach to the blues. Hill and his associates incorporate numerous musical influences and elements into contemporary material with a blues feel and sound. Hill's slashing slide guitar mixes rock, funk and reggae as well as blues inflections, and is consistently creative and engaging. The group's compositions feature lyrics which discuss issues and ideas as much as romantic situations and dilemmas, and Hill's vocals aren't pleading, but defiant, triumphant and aggressive. If you're seeking standard fare, this isn't your cup of tea, but those interested in music that expands the blues vocabulary and range will find Michael Hill's Blues Mob the ticket.


01 - Can't Recall A Time 03:45

02 - Why We Play The Blues 04:02

03 - Promises You Can't Keep 05:09

04 - Bluesman At Heart 03:57

05 - Evil In The Air 04:43

06 - Hard Blues For Hard Times 05:11

07 - Righteous Love 04:03

08 - Signifyin' Monkey - Watch What You Say 06:14

09 - Soldier's Blues 05:28

10 - Wrong Number 05:40

11 - Heading Home 04:43

12 - Ready For The Blues 03:52

13 - Soul Emergency 03:51

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