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Gerry Groom, Mick Taylor & Friends 1992 Once In A Blue Moon (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 207 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 01:02:10
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This is a record that you put on and it just goes by in one fell swoop. So authentic in sound, comfortable in its ambition and personal in vision, it's what so many Blues records want to but fail to be. No generica here. Two guitar geniuses bringing each other to new heights without overindulgence. This beautiful album taught me what should have been obvious to me long ago -- that the Blues is all about humility."

Released on Shattered Music in 1992 this classic studio blues Cd is the works of Gerry Groom and Friends , including Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones. This recording is a 90's version of a traditional blues record. The intention was to stay true to the idiom while making the fidelity as high as possible. The project was built around the figure of Gerry Groom, master blues guitarist and blues songwriter. Released in 1991 (Groom passed away in 1992, in a scuba diving accident), this record fully fits into blues traditional standards, both in the tracklist (songs by Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, except for five original compositions by G. Groom) and in the choice of instruments: most of them are strictly acoustic, with Groom's dobro starring. One of the rare electric instruments is Mick Taylor's (special guest of this work) Fender vintage Stratocaster (modified with a Rickenbacker pickup). Paul Ill's (a.k.a. Adrian Well) bass, Thomas Blues' harmonica, Mat Abts' drums and Jeffrey Barr's piano complete the band.

Respect for blues tradition, impeccable music performances and accuracy in recording (all the acoustic sources are amplified with high-quality microphones) are the strong points of this work. Talking about the vocal parts, as for my opinion, I feel the lack of a black bluesy voice: although Groom's singing is always inspired and perfectly in tune, it does not reach the level of his wonderful guitar style. (Riccardo Frau)


Gerry Groom: vocals, dobro
Mick Taylor: electric guitar, dobro
Thomas 'Blues' Uhde: harmonica
Paul Ill: bass
Matt Abts: drums
Jeffrey Barr: piano


01 - Can't Be Satisfied 03:24

02 - When You Got A Friend 03:37

03 - Coastin' Home 03:59

04 - Mick's Jam 08:02

05 - Music Teacher 04:49

06 - Hip Shake 04:46

07 - Long Distance Call 09:17

08 - Suzie Q 03:21

09 - Louisiana Blues 05:04

10 - Spots For Days 04:26

11 - Red Rooster 07:19

12 - Can't Be Satisfied 04:06

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rintesh said...

Very enjoyable album! Thank you.

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glad to have you still as a loyal follower of my blog! Enjoy the music!