Sunday, June 25, 2017

Gerald Clark 2012 Black Water

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:32:35
Size: 44,78 MB

South Africa

Aesthetically, the Black Water album cover is simple, dark and has just a hint of grain. It shouts low-down dirty blues without trying too hard to look edgy. The night-time landscape shot of a bayou-looking river scene on the inner sleeves of the cover was a great choice and the complimentary fold-out Black Water illustration inside is a pleasantly surprising find. However, the lyrics of the songs were not included in the sleeve. At first, I thought it would have been nice to follow the words of the songs and gain a better understanding of what Clark is singing about, but after a while I realized that his songs are so damn catchy that – for better or worse – you’ll learn the lyrics in no time.

On this album, Clark remains true to his blues/country-soul style from the first riff to the last. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he hopped straight off the back of a dusty, old pick-up truck and into the studio. He offers the listener a range of sounds that have a distinct American, deep-south feel from good ol’ fashioned blues to 50s-style rock-a-billy tunes. (


01 - It Ain't You 03:48

02 - Black Water 03:26

03 - Giving Up On Love 03:25

04 - Heaven 03:28

05 - Breaking Down 03:05

06 - Poorman Blues 03:00

07 - Let Me Tell You 02:09

08 - Stranger Blues 03:23

09 - House Of The Rising Sun 02:25

10 - Feels So Good, I Just Can't Keep From Crying 02:38

11 - Late Night Blues 01:48

12 - Marry Me (missing track)

13 - As the Crow Flies (missing track)

Gamble for more Gerald Clark:

This album has 2 tracks missing. If you can offer the missing tracks post the links in the comment section please.


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