Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Big Boy Bloater & The Limits 2012 Big Boy Bloater & The Limits (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 274 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:32:27
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United Kingdom

Man, this cooker should come with a parental advisory sticker, "Just add bar fight!" Husky-voiced blues shouters have been around forever but what I love about this album is that it so well captures the feel of a wild night at your favorite watering hole. As a vocalist Big Boy Bloater gracefully takes the mantle from previous generations of greats without ever sounding contrived or mannered. I'm not quite sure how this group pulls it off but they take a time-worn style of music and make it sound contemporary.

We've all read those glowing reviews of other artists who get pegged with terms like "barrelhouse" or "honky tonk", and then when you actually hear their recordings you think, "Man, that's just stiff. Send it to the college professor who can revel in dissecting its influences and stay seated the entire time." In contrast, this album by Big Boy Bloater and the Limits is infused with everything that ever made you love this music in the first place. You can stay seated if you want, but chances are it's because you're listening to it while driving down the freeway.

These days when I discover a new artist, most of the time I'll download four to six songs from across their catalog rather than just buying an album. I got to sampling these eleven songs, sampled them again, and finally I just decided to just get the whole album. Glad I did, ain't a speck of cereal in this one. You can put the entire album on the mp3 player and not have to skip a song. But if I had to recommend a couple highlights I'd look to "Big Fat Trap", "Ugly Way of Thinking", the instrumental "Rocket Surgery", and "I Heard Those Voices Again".

I'd stumbled across this while searching on Imelda May, another new discovery. The two songs listed as "featuring Imelda May" are a misnomer. She may sing backup on these but you can't really tell. For comparison, Mick Jagger's backing vocals on "You're So Vain would be more noticeable in the mix than Imelda May is here. Speaking of which, I just downloaded the entirety of her new album, "Mayhem" at the same time as this. Anyone who appreciates Big Boy Bloater and the Limits will enjoy that album as well. Next party just put these two albums on a playlist and loop it. Whether you get looped as well is up to you. (Phil (San Diego))


01 - Ugly Way Of Thinking 03:13

02 - I Heard Those Voices Again 03:15

03 - Fumble Fisted Fool 03:23

04 - Sweet & Brown 02:38

05 - My Prayer 03:18

06 - She's Just A Friend 02:14

07 - Rocket Surgery 02:42

08 - Get Over That It's Over 02:34

09 - Rushing To Waste Time 03:12

10 - Big Fat Trap 02:54

11 - Every Path Has Its Puddle 03:04

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gilles said...

@The BluesGambler : Thank you very much for sharing this very good one. I already have it but I'm sure that blues lovers will enjoy it