Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ken McMahan 1998 Ball And Chain

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:43
Size: 85,46 MB

United States

With Ball & Chain, McMahan stands on the edge of a new Southern Rock revolution. McMahan's deep, booming voice is perfectly appropriate for the material he's performing, easily rising above the ringing mix of blazing guitars and manic percussion. Once again recording as a trio, with drummer Perkins and bassist Kyle Miller, McMahan has opted for a more stripped-down sound on Ball & Chain. His growth as a wordsmith is obvious, as well, in songs like the rollicking Way Of The World, the bluesy The Long Haul (sounding a lot like the Dusters of old) or the Stonesish title cut, Ball & Chain, a collaboration with fellow Nashville talent Tommy Womack. Ten Years Ago rips and roars out of your speakers like a raging bull while McMahan closes the album with some delicious six-string work on Just Another Memory.

Another collaboration, this one with Dan Baird on the track Wicked World, is as dark and steamy a slab of rock & roll as the South has ever produced. With both feet in the same voodoo-infested swamps of Louisiana that produced Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Wicked World treats the listener to McMahan and Baird trading razor-sharp guitar riffs as McMahan's somber vocals announce the impending fate of mankind. Throughout Ball & Chain, strains of musical influences such as Skynyrd, Blackfoot and the Outlaws can be heard, with McMahan taking the classic Southern Rock formula, trimming away the excess and filtering it through his own unique creative sensibilities.

Working at Nashville's Poppi Studios, sixteen tracks were recorded straight to 2" tape and later mixed down to 1/2" tape, a traditional analog process rarely used in these days of multi-million dollar high-tech studios. Ball & Chain is a completely organic record, the kind they used to make before technology came to matter more than the music. The resulting tracks are warmer, more potent, which is exactly what McMahan was looking for. No digital recording was done, says McMahan of Ball & Chain, that's important to me because it's authentic, recorded in the same format as Lynyrd Skynyrd's Street Survivors and Derek & The Dominoes' Layla.

Although evoking the ghosts of the past, McMahan has managed to contemporize the sound for the nineties. Ball & Chain represents the first shot in what is already shaping up to be a third wave of Southern Rock. The fans are ready, the amps are warmed up and the guitars are ready to go... after a decade of angst-ridden grunge, smarmy punk-pop and gangsta rap, isn't it time for some real rock & roll? (http://www.bluesweb.com/)


01 - Way Of The World 04:54

02 - Something I'll Never Know 04:41

03 - The Long Haul 04:02

04 - Outta Site, Outta Mind 03:05

05 - Kindhearted Woman Blues 03:39

06 - I Won't Miss You 03:59

07 - Ball And Chain 03:41

08 - Ten Years Ago 05:09

09 - Wicked World 05:37

10 - Know Down On Your Door 03:38

11 - Just Another Memory 04:18

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