Friday, May 12, 2017

Johnny Ferreira & The Swing Machine 1998 King Of The Mood Swings

Genre: Swing
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:22
Size: 92,27 MB


This man is a gem! What an album! What a saxophone player! He plays his heart out for you! From fast to slow this is an amazing album. The sound is very much big band but definitely on the bluesy side of jazz when its slow, or flat out rock 'n' roll when its fast. It is so enjoyable! The arrangements are very well done and very tight giving an incredible laid back sound even though the musicians are playing their hearts out! Your foot will tap all they way through! All your friends will ask who is that playing! The piano riffs are just superb! A personal favourite is Forget About It, but then I love this man's music so much I have no favourites! I can honestly say there are no bum tracks on this album. Beware of one thing though, you will want more of his music in your collection! His other albums Rock 'n' Roll Saxophonist and Crazy 'bout A Saxophone are gems in their own right too!


01 - Dig That Crazy Chick 03:23

02 - Beat It Baby 03:57

03 - I Like It Like That 03:26

04 - Luscious Lips 03:19

05 - Lost In The Sauce 03:40

06 - Do Wah Daddy 03:48

07 - Slow And Easy 04:49

08 - Man You're The Greatest 03:59

09 - Forget About It 03:32

10 - Let It Go On Me 03:10

11 - Let's Rock Tonite 03:19

Gamble for more Johnny Ferreira & The Swing Machine

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