Saturday, May 13, 2017

James Cotton Blues Band 2002 35th Anniversary Jam (LL)

Genre: Blues
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Time: 00:53:08
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United States

Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Don't complain that there are too many guests here -- that's what this jam was all about, inviting a bunch of friends and kindred spirits to jam in the studio during June of 2001. These musicians were here to salute not just the great James Cotton and his songs, but the long life of his classic James Cotton Blues Band, by playing some of their greatest songs and having a good time. And that's what this is -- a good jam session, performed with heart and vigor. Some of the guests might be a bit better than others, but the band is lively, there's more grit than you'd expect for an all-digital production, and Cotton has moments where he simply smokes. He's constantly a joy to hear; listen to how he breaks into "Jingle Bells" during "The Creeper" and try not to smile.


01 - Don't Start Me Talking 03:27

02 - The Creeper 05:01

03 - I've Got A Feeling 04:57

04 - Cotton Crop Blues 04:09

05 - Fatuation 03:55

06 - How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong? 03:35

07 - Rocket 88 03:02

08 - Blues In My Sleep 07:05

09 - River's Invitation 04:54

10 - All Walks Of Life 02:29

11 - Hold Me Baby 04:24

12 - Blues For The Hook 06:10

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