Wednesday, May 3, 2017

George Stancell 1999 Gorgeous George

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:53
Size: 95,83 MB

United States

While Stancell lacks the technical greatness of Stevie Ray Vaughn, his guitar work is steady and smooth being nicely accompanied by the organ work of Kenny Harris. What is more notable about Stancell is his voice. It is hard to describe the nature of Stancell's voice. There is youth behind it that seems impossible given his age. He truly puts his soul behind his voice. No one song really stands out above others on this continually solid album, though the guitar soloing on "Stop Your Cryin'" is perhaps more inspired. "Gonna Keep On" is reminiscent of many Blues Brothers standards due in large part to the horn work provided by The Nutmeg Horns. "A Bluesman" is a touching song with true feeling behind it. Above all the vast majority of this album are songs that you can sit down, listen to, and just nod your head in rhythm... yeah man. (Greg Weeden)


01 - Stop Your Cryin' 03:48

02 - Except Me 03:42

03 - Gonna Keep On 03:25

04 - Gorgeous George 04:01

05 - I Wanna 04:43

06 - Leave A Light On Baby 05:30

07 - A Bluesman 03:45

08 - Mississippi Woman 03:33

09 - Singing The Blues 03:34

10 - Standin' In The Rain 03:24

11 - I Don't Know What To Do 02:28

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