Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ruthie Foster 2009 The Truth According To Ruthie Foster (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 245 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:45:47
Size: 82,71 MB

United States

Review by Michael G. Nastos

Ruthie Foster has plenty of soul in her voice and the funky music she enjoys, enough to spread around to many listeners of populist contemporary blues and beyond. Blessed with solid chops and a style to match, Foster brings down the house on this set of tunes that crosses over to dance music through acoustic folk-pop at times, and most certainly rock & roll.

With electric guitarist Robben Ford, keyboardist Jim Dickinson in one of his last studio efforts before passing away, and a horn section steeped in Memphis R&B, Foster has a very potent band to support and lift her up. Two Eric Bibb songs "Love in the Middle" and "Thanks for the Joy" have Foster offering opposite energy patterns in a slow love song or rocker mode, respectively. Patty Griffin's "When It Don't Come Easy" is a folk-pop amalgam via Dickinson's old-school Wurlitzer organ. Except for the reggae-infused "I Really Love You," the rest of the material is good-time, upbeat music that allows Foster and her audience many energized moments. Her tune "Truth" is easily the hit of the set, a groove biscuit anthem where she offers premises such as that real-deal honesty is something you can't find in most places, but in fact is always right where you are.

This is a fully realized project, and recognized as such by a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Blues Album in 2009.


01 - Stone Love 03:49

02 - I Really Love You 04:34

03 - When It Don't Come Easy 04:05

04 - (You Keep Me) Hangin' On 03:10

05 - Truth 03:56

06 - Love In The Middle 04:42

07 - Nickel And A Nail 04:51

08 - Dues Paid In Full 03:54

09 - Joy On The Other Side 03:43

10 - Tears Of Pain 05:39

11 - Thanks For The Joy 03:24

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Mostar Sevdah Reunion 2007 Emina

Genre: Gypsy
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:15:02
Size: 137,28 MB

Bosnia & Herzegovina


01 - Emina 07:43

02 - Da Zna Zora 05:28

03 - Oci Moje Kletvom Bih Vas Kleo 05:28

04 - Kiša Pada, Trava Raste 06:37

05 - Iz Tiha Me Glava Boli 03:48

06 - Sjecaš Li Se, Djevo Bajna 04:55

07 - Jesi Li Cula Dušo 05:28

08 - Sedamdeset I Dva Dana 03:38

09 - Kad Ja Podoh Na Bentbašu 05:56

10 - Karanfile, Uspomeno Stara 05:32

11 - Karanfile, Cvijece Moje 05:32

12 - Sjecaš Li Se Kad Si Lani 05:49

13 - Mila Majko Šalji Me Na Vodu 03:30

14 - Vranjanka 05:38

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Jeff Jensen Band 2007 The Jeff Jensen Band

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:42
Size: 80,54 MB

United States

Album Notes

The Jeff Jensen Band was formed May of 2004. Since then, the band has performed hundreds of gigs. Some of the most impressive have been with Deborah Coleman, Paul Oscher, Zac Harmon, John “Juke” Logan and Blues Legend BB KING as part of his 80th birthday tour. The band has competed in the International Blues Challenge in 2005 representing the Santa Clarita Blues Society, in 2006 representing the Pinetop Perkins Blues Society and once again in 2007 representing Santa Clarita Blues Society. The band plays all over California, Arizona, and Nevada on a very regular tour schedule doing between 150 and 250 shows a year. In the months to come the band will be extended their tour area significantly.

”Self Titled” is the Jeff Jensen Band’s first album. Released March 31, 2007. This album contains 10 original songs composed primarily by Jeff Jensen and Nate LaPointe, and 3 blues standards.

Produced by Jeff Jensen and Nate LaPointe, “Self Titled” demonstrates this young bands ability to respect tradition while showing impressive originality and creativity. This is a fun album with humorous and playful songs like “Cat Song”, and “Driving Wheel”; it has passionate down home blues like “Damn Fine Woman”, and “Fine Myself All Alone”; Out of the box originals like “I Fell”, “Can’t Believe We’re Through” and “Something In The Water” and great hooks with “Here I Come Again”, and “Something About You”. It really has something for everyone, a multi-genre blues album.


01 - Sugar Sweet 04:18

02 - I Fell 04:24

03 - Damn Fine Woman 06:22

04 - Cat Song 04:53

05 - Something About You 04:29

06 - Feel Alright 03:21

07 - That's What Love Will Do For You 04:58

08 - Find Myself All Alone 06:05

09 - Can't Believe We're Through 04:10

10 - Here I Come Again 03:43

11 - Driving Wheel 04:25

12 - Rock This House 03:23

13 - Something In The Water 04:11

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Sergio BAP 2006 Hard Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:17
Size: 77,21 MB



01 - Bicuda Hill 03:57

02 - Texas Ranger 03:57

03 - The Cat 05:44

04 - Overture 02:18

05 - Kitungo Blues 02:08

06 - Water Melon 02:48

07 - Guga's Smash 05:00

08 - Bike Walking 02:51

09 - Guitar Race 02:23

10 - Apallosa 04:18

11 - Stormy Sunday 05:59

12 - Highway 040 02:14

13 - Last Dance 04:19

14 - Alecrim Street 05:19

15 - Martin L. King Tribute 03:02

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Dan Patlansky 2012 20 Stones (LL)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 281 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:47:23
Size: 91,07 MB

South Africa

On his latest studio effort, Dan Patlansky delivers a seriously fierce, fiery representation of his take on old-school blues and early rock. It’s a 10-track musical accomplishment that is sure to leave any blues fan wanting more of his work.

The album is a strong testament to Patlansky’s talent, and a welcome addition to any blues enthusiast’s library. With Patlansky himself a producer of the album, his creative control was certainly able to flourish and produce something genuinely his.

The title track turns out to be the one that contrasts the rest of the album’s material most sharply. “20 Stones” has no words, only nearly 5 sublime minutes of intermittently brooding and blistering acoustic fingerwork. It’s a welcome intermission in the swirling vortex of vicious blues licks, and my personal favorite track from the album. It’s certainly refreshing to see an artist take a break from the expected and do something unique, and the track’s unique contribution to the album as a whole definitely pays off.

20 Stones is an album that is bound to further enamor listeners already familiar with Patlansky’s work. For those that are hearing him for the first time, it’s a great representation of why he’s considered the top blues guitarist in South Africa. (


01 - Bring The World To It's Knees 05:45

02 - Bright Lights, Big City 04:41

03 - Bye Bye 04:29

04 - Daddy's Old Gun 04:17

05 - 20 Stones 04:20

06 - Lost Your Good Thing Now 08:54

07 - Slap In The Face 02:08

08 - Call Me The Breeze 02:58

09 - Too Late To Cry 04:10

10 - Cross Country Limping 05:41

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Rocky Hill 1994 Midnight Creepers

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:30:32
Size: 55,86 MB

United States

In 1985, with no fanfare. Rocky repaired to an Austin studio with some other Lone Star midnight creepers. Their goal: drink whiskey, throw a party, and lay down some ferocious, cutthroat blues. Included in this rogue's gallery were some of Texas' finest sons: Tommy Shannon, bassist for Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Arc Angels; Kim Wilson, who's blown the tin reeds with the Fabulous Thunderbirds ever since anyone had ever heard of Austin blues; Uncle John Turner, drummer-about-Austin and formerly of Johnny Winter's group; and keyboardist Louis EJovis. who grew up in Lou Ann's joint in Dallas, was a regular at Buddy Guy's club in Chicago and who has played with a pair of Kings.

And then there is special guest, former Houstonian Albert Collins - the Iceman, the Master of the Telecaster - who passed away the day before Thanksgiving. 1993. Collins could cut you, too; he was just cleaner with the blade than Rocky.

Together, through the course of nine raw gems, these guys roughed out enough mean licks, nasty lyrics and badass grooves to fill the Houston Ship Channel. The faint hearted need not apply; when Rocky decides to play, things can get messy in a hurry. (Marty Racine, Pop Music Critic - Houston Chronicle)


Rocky Hill: Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Shannon: Bass
"Uncle" John Turner: Drums
Albert Collins: Guest Artist, Guitar
Kim Wilson: Guest Artist, Harp


01 - Stop Breaking Down 03:12

02 - Where The Blues Come From 02:54

03 - Kiss My Ass 02:43

04 - Sweet Blood Call 03:47

05 - I Can Tell 03:32

06 - Bad Girl Blues 04:11

07 - My Ship Came In 03:15

08 - Lightning Struck Out 02:31

09 - Little Boy Blue 04:27

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The City Shakers feat. 'Big Boy' Bloater 2008 The Very Best Of... (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 207 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:39:54
Size: 59,92 MB

United Kingdom

Album Notes

This is the first CD from Big Boy Bloater's blues project, The City Shakers. No-nonsense Chicago Blues with a kick. Featuring the legendary Laurie Garman on harmonica along with Mike Powell on bass and Bomber Wade on drums they are a force to be reckoned with.

Big Boy Bloater himself is a world-renowned Jump Blues guitarist, vocalist and front-man, having steered his six-piece band The Southside Stompers around the world for over 15 years. He is one of the most highly regarded RnB artists in the world today.


01 - I Ain't Got You 02:41

02 - Tellin' You Straight 04:15

03 - Shake That Thing 03:06

04 - Mean Ol' Train 02:42

05 - Sugar Sweet 02:52

06 - Get Out Of The Car 04:12

07 - Nosey Neigbours 03:13

08 - Roll Your Moneymaker 03:47

09 - Mellow Down Easy 02:40

10 - Pall-Bearer's Song 03:11

11 - Got My Mojo Working 03:54

12 - Messin' With The Booze 03:21

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Dona Oxford 1999 Rowena Said...

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:23
Size: 68,54 MB

United States

This is a great CD! Although I am partial to Texas blues, Doña Oxford is equally exceptional. She has the keyboard abilities that matches the talents of the Texas master guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan. With equal fortes of both the keyboard and her vocal abilities, Doña Oxford offers us the old style pianist blues, fashioned after her mentor, Johnnie Johnson.

From the slow blues title track, Rowena Said, to the exceptional fast paced boogie woogie tune, It's Rainin', Oxford exemplifies the true talents of a master blues pianist. Her vocals are likened to no other singer. The way that she belts out the tunes, while pounding away at the keyboard, with so much force, drive, and enthusiasm, cannot be matched by anyone in the business today. Even Johnnie Johnson has passed the torch to his "favorite keyboard player!"

I understand that Doña's stint with Shemekia Copeland is now over, and she's back to writing and performing her own stuff again. This couldn't happen soon enough, for me, and I can't wait until her next release! (J. Walter Scogin)


01 - Cinderella 03:05

02 - Down In New Orleans 02:55

03 - Rowena Said... 04:50

04 - Big Hands, Big Feet 03:20

05 - Bye Bye M'baby 04:52

06 - Just A Little Bit 03:39

07 - I'm On Fire 03:37

08 - Red White & Blues 05:18

09 - It's Rainin' 03:40

10 - Doe's Blues 02:07

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Hard Days 2016 Hard Days

Luis Manuel Gómez Mateos, guitarist of the Spanish hard rock band Hard Days, contacted me with a special offer for all my visitors:

We are going to celebrate that we reached 20.000 streams of our full length debut album in the Youtube Channel Stoned Meadow of Doom by making it available as a free download for 48h, starting on Sunday 28th.

get the free download here:

and more information about the band:



Thank you Luis Manuel Gomez Mateos!

The Kingsnakes 2004 Supernatural Disaster

Genre: Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:54
Size: 46,54 MB

United States

The Kingsnakes are a Detroit based rock and roll band formed in 2001.

The band has toured in various parts of the US and in Windsor- some of the highlights have been in New York City as part of an after-party for the MC5 documentary "A True Testimonial" shown at the Annual Tribeca Film Festival. The band also played in Toronto for the 2001 North by Northeast Music Festival and in Austin for the 2003 South By Southwest Music Festival.

Capturing that sound on their debut CD "Supernatural Disaster" was done with the help of their producer, Kenny Olson, guitarist from Kid Rock. Songs like 'Whore On A Dragon' and title track 'Supernatural Disaster' offer warning of a time yet to come. But songs such as 'Messin' and 'Shake It' let people in on the band's attitude of getting your kicks in "before the whole shithouse goes up in flames" (-Jim Morrison).

The band won the Detroit Music Awards 2004 award for Outstanding Rock Act.


01 - Whore On A Dragon 03:34

02 - Shake It 03:25

03 - Green Aura 03:37

04 - Black Angus 03:51

05 - Plastic Man 05:08

06 - Messin' 03:24

07 - The Wick 03:40

08 - Pussyfoot 02:58

09 - Supernatural Disaster 04:17

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tom Hunter 1999 Big Thunder (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 267 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:55:36
Size: 102,94 MB

United States

Although you can find Tom on a number of recordings, providing excellent keyboard work for other artists, this CD is all his. "Big Thunder," an eleven song, fifty-six minute effort by Tom, and some of the best musicians around, is an excellent example of great blues piano. The four original compositions take you on a journey of sorts, through loneliness, despair, and troubled relationships.

The song that grabs you first is "Stop," a story of regaining control, and taking charge of a life gone astray. These four Hunter originals are good blues songs. Rounding out the disc are a number of old favorites, including, "Bad Bad Whiskey," and "Smack Dab In The Middle." Tom put together a good group to take into the studio, Jon Gunvaldson (guitar), Rob Stupka (drums), Gordon Johnson (bass), and Kenni Holmen (sax). Together, they have produced a fine CD. You will also hear echo's of Charles Brown, as Tom has dedicated this CD to the memory of the late piano great, as well as to Tom's own children. A very good CD, highly recommended to blues piano buffs, and to all blues music lovers. (This review is copyright © 1999 by Michael Evan, and Blues On Stage)


01 - Stop 04:37

02 - Smack Dab In The Middle 05:31

03 - Fools Paradise 05:24

04 - B.T. Boogie 04:19

05 - Bad Bad Whiskey 04:38

06 - She's So Fine 05:03

07 - No One To Come Home To 04:17

08 - Goin' Down Slow 07:20

09 - Stumble 05:11

10 - Beer Drinkin' Woman 03:11

11 - Trouble In Mind 06:05

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The Butterfield Blues Band 1966 East-West (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 262 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:45:02
Size: 86,94 MB

United States

Review by Mark Deming

The raw immediacy and tight instrumental attack of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band's self-titled debut album were startling and impressive in 1965, but the following year, the group significantly upped the ante with its second LP, East-West. The debut showed that Butterfield and his bandmates could cut tough, authentic blues (not a given for an integrated band during the era in which fans were still debating if a white boy could play the blues) with the energy of rock & roll, but East-West was a far more ambitious set, with the band showing an effective command of jazz, Indian raga, and garagey proto-psychedelia as well as razor-sharp electric blues.

Butterfield was the frontman, and his harp work was fierce and potent, but the core of the band was the dueling guitar work of Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop, especially Bloomfield's ferocious, acrobatic solos, while Mark Naftalin's keyboards added welcome washes of melodic color, and the rhythm section of bassist Jerome Arnold and drummer Billy Davenport were capable of both the rock-solid support of veteran blues players and the more flexible and artful pulse of a jazz combo, rising and relaxing with the dynamics of a performance.

The Butterfield Blues Band sounded muscular and exciting on classic blues workouts like "Walkin' Blues," "Two Trains Running," and "I Got a Mind to Give Up Living," but the highlights came when the band pushed into new territory, such as the taut New Orleans proto-funk of "Get Out of My Life, Woman," the buzzy and mildly trippy "Mary, Mary," and especially two lengthy instrumental workouts, the free-flowing jazz of Nat Adderley's "Work Song" and the title track, a fiery mix of blues, psychedelia, Indian musical patterns, and several other stops in between, with Butterfield, Bloomfield, and Bishop blowing for all their worth.

East-West would prove to be a pivotal album in the new blues-rock movement, and it was the Paul Butterfield Blues Band's greatest achievement; Bloomfield would be gone by the time they cut their next LP to form the Electric Flag, and as good as Bishop was, losing the thrust and parry between the two guitarists was a major blow. But East-West captures a great group in high flight as the bandmembers join together in something even more remarkable than their estimable skills as individuals would suggest, and its importance as a nexus point between rock, blues, jazz, and world music cannot be overestimated.


01 - Walkin' Blues 03:21

02 - Get Out Of My Life, Woman 03:15

03 - I Got A Mind To Give Up Living 05:01

04 - All These Blues 02:24

05 - Work Song 07:56

06 - Mary, Mary 02:52

07 - Two Trains Running 03:56

08 - Never Say No 03:00

09 - East-West 13:17

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