Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Toshi Reagon 2002 Toshi

Genre: Blues
Rate: 146 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:54:24
Size: 56,12 MB

United States

This broadly gifted and incredibly down-to-earth dynamo has a few albums out, and this is the third in a row to knock my socks off. Toshi Reagon has a big voice and a perceptive mind-her music is rock, folk, blues, beautiful.

There are tracks like "Slippin' Away", "I Hate/I Love", "Positive Information", and "Big Love"and "Oh No No No" that really rock and pop. Then there are tracks like "Mountain Top" and "Ballad of the Broken Word" that start of fairly folksy, then build and boom, and blues-belt. The lyrics (her own with a notable exception) are full of meaning, insight, rage, love, and truth. The last track is a cover of a Cars song; "Just What I Needed" is pure pop in its original, but Toshi's cover is slow, sobering, gentle poetry--like a still fountain by candlelight.

Toshi Reagon is a particularly gifted artist, and this album is arguably her best yet-and certainly a strong indication of good things to come. There's a song for many different moods here, so you can keep it in the player for days. (a customer)


01 - Little Light 03:19

02 - Slippin' Away 04:20

03 - Mountain Top 05:32

04 - Big Love 05:25

05 - I Hate - I Love 03:24

06 - Positive Information 04:03

07 - Ballad Of The Broken Word 04:46

08 - Oh No No No 03:17

09 - The Ones Who Love You 03:32

10 - You Are The Only One 04:44

11 - Somethin' Good 05:50

12 - Somespace 00:32

13 - Just What I Needed 05:40

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