Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Swamp Cabbage 2004 Honk (LL)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 264 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:39:43
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United States

Album Notes

The Seminoles, Timuquans and other Native Floridians harvested, boiled and ate the hearts of the Sabal palm tree. Steamed and served as a stew it’s a rustic delicacy similar to artichoke hearts and traditional cabbage. That essence of the “real” Florida is the basis for Swamp Cabbage’s inspirational archetype: a mish mash of genres boiled into a stew of mixed blues, jazz, soul, southern rock, Appalachian and even classical vibes.

Swamp Cabbage was formed in 2001 by veteran guitarist Walter Parks, who built an international career as the lead guitarist for Woodstock legend Richie Havens. Parks, who recently marked his debut as a solo artist with the release of his self-titled album earlier this year, formed the group along with bassist Jim DeVito and drummer Jagoda as a way to explore his southern musical influences.

Swamp Cabbage – using a guitar, bass and drum format -- sounds like a southern rock band but “thinks” like a jazz, blues or classical trio. Harmonically, their sound is more complex than the blues. Rhythmically it’s akin to New Orleans jazz. Lyrically, they offer a comedic travelogue through Park's North Florida upbringing, all complimented by his electric guitar style -- a mélange of Scott Joplin's ragtime and Jerry Reed's bayou pickin. DeVito's bass, barks like a tuba through a fuzz box, and is backed by Jagoda's New Orleans funeral parade style drummin'.


01 - Tallahassee 04:34

02 - If A Thing Feels Right 03:30

03 - The Lid 04:29

04 - The Dipstick Rag 02:47

05 - More Booty With Buddah 05:29

06 - Silver Meteor 02:32

07 - The Hodown Town (Katy) 02:55

08 - Southern Hospitality 04:36

09 - Jersey City 01:26

10 - Kilowatt 07:25

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