Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Radomir Mihajlovic-Tocak 1993 Byzantine Blue

Genre: Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:55
Size: 84,93 MB


After his first solo album that appeared in 1976, Radomir Mihajlović Tocak waited long 13 years before recording a solo follow-up. During that period he disbanded and re-grouped SMAK for several times, but the once celebrated band failed to repeat success of their early career of the late 1970's. Tocak probably felt this was again an opportunity to present his personal instrumental and composing skills, unchained from the confinements of the group work, so he accepted an offer to compose a soundtrack for the feature movie "Byzantine Blue" ("Vizantijsko plavo" in Serbian) directed by Dragan Marinkovic. In many ways this was and still remains one of his best solo works.

The opening track "Blame" provides an opportunity for Tocak to cover a traditional folk song known under different names also as "Ukor" or "Gde Si Duso, Gde Si Rano". Guitar solo exemplifies the unique technique of Tocak. Another traditional is "Blue Dance" although this intake of the folk "wheel dance" is less interesting. The title track is pleasant melodic composition done in the style of classic progressive rock with scat female vocals courtesy of Marija Mihajlovic. The main theme of this track is repeated in the title "Blue". "Mathematics of Another Kind" continues in a dark jazz-rock manner reminiscent of early MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA for instance. More folk-fusion themes are revisited in two excellent tracks - "My Diary" and "Zajdi zajdi" - the latter being known to old SMAK fans from the album "Zasto ne volim sneg" (1981). Heavy sound is represented by excellent blues-rock "Havana Blues", while more experimental and ambient percussive and synthesized work is showcased in the two-part "Funky Turtles". These are only highlights of the record, while you can find many nice moments in the remaining tracks too.

Tocak's backing band was called TEK and included his long-time collaborator from the early SMAK days, drummer Slobodan Stojanovic Kepa and bass player Milan Milosavljevic, who both provided firm and hard rocking rhythm section. Among the prominent guest players you can see also former SMAK associates, bassist Zoran Milanovic and keyboardist Laza Ristovski in whose studio the album was recorded. It is interesting to mention that the latter should not be confused with famous Serbian actor starring main role in this movie, having almost the same name - Lazar Ristovski!

This is very good, mostly instrumental album with many interesting fusion, folk and blues elements that is recommended if you like strong guitar-based sound. (Seyo)


01 - Blame 04:48

02 - Byzantine Blue 04:52

03 - Mathematics Of Another Kind 04:38

04 - Honey 02:31

05 - Emery 01:36

06 - Come On 02:14

07 - Blue Dance 02:08

08 - Love Touch 02:15

09 - My Diary 02:14

10 - Zajdi Zajdi 05:29

11 - Alchemy 01:20

12 - Syncope 04:17

13 - Decision 01:57

14 - Blue 01:37

15 - Blue Fish 02:39

16 - Destruction 01:37

17 - Once Upon time 02:19

18 - Havana Blues 02:17

19 - Funky Turtles 01:18

20 - Far From Home 01:47

21 - Postulate 02:27

22 - Two Days After 02:02

23 - Funky Turtles II 03:33

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