Monday, April 3, 2017

JW-Jones Blues Band 2004 My Kind Of Evil

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:40
Size: 134,19 MB


Review by Chris Nickson

JW-Jones stretches out a bit on his third album, bringing a horn section into the mix to fill out the sound, and give it the feel of '50s-era R&B. But at the same time there's a slightly ragged feel to everything, and Jones' guitar playing, while bluesy, has as much rock about it as anything else -- it's easy to hear Eric Clapton in his solo on "Ain't Gonna Lie," for example, both in tone and style. He's very good on covers, such as "I Don't Know," but his own songs -- the vast majority of this disc -- have plenty of life. Producer Kim Wilson opts for a very full sound, bringing the guitar to the full front for solos. Jones himself is a slightly better than average singer -- but his vocalizing is eclipsed by his playing, and there are times when he might do better to emphasize his fretwork, which he does on the Stax-inflected "Nothing on Me." He works well with bluesman Colin James when the latter takes lead vocals, as on "You've Got Me," and Wilson gives some great harmonica on "Blue Monday." It's encouraging to hear Jones expanding his horizons, and he continues to grow as a player with this disc.


01 - Shake That Mess 03:56

02 - What You Do To Me 03:24

03 - Ain't Gonna Lie 03:28

04 - I Don't Know 05:01

05 - Cheating Woman 03:55

06 - Nothing On Me 04:09

07 - You Can't Fool Me 05:12

08 - Slow Down 05:30

09 - Blue Monday 02:51

10 - My Kind Of Evil 03:10

11 - You've Got Me (Where You Want Me) 04:43

12 - Code Blue 04:52

13 - Aching Pain 04:46

14 - Let's Have A Ball 03:43

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