Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Crowdfunding Campaign For Cuban Tour And Independent Film (Costa Rican Traditional Blues Band)

Daniel Vilaplana, musician and independent producer from Costa Rican Blues Band Avenida Blues asked me in the most respectful way for any possible help with his crowd-funding campaign.

Our band formed in the streets of San José, Costa Rica. Our main objectives are to defend Freedom of Speech, and to de criminalize Street art, since in our country all spontaneous artistic expressions on most cities open spaces are currently being forbidden and censored.

Despite of those inconveniences, we have been able to share our messages of self managing, self promotion and been able to share music and free arts without borders to several undeveloped communities in our country. Standing for culture, art and opportunities for everyone without barriers.

We then caused a movement called "Nuestra Calle" (Our Street) A big protest that called hundreds of people to our country capital in order to fight to defend the basic rights of freedom of speech. With results that several communities municipalities declared themselves "Street Art- Friendly". Even though there is still a lot to fight for.

Thanks to hard work, we have been able to emerge from the streets and create a name of our own, being able to play in Big national festivals as Festival Transitarte in San José and the 6th Annual Costa Rica blues festival this year.

Our stand has been heard on Cuba, where we have been invited to perform in the Romerias de Mayo Festival, In the Holguin Province for 7 days. Where we will be able to do a cultural exchange with Cuba which can benefit both nations.

We are bringing with us a production team that will film our experiences on Cuba, the festival is completely self produced so all bands have to fund their way to the Festival.

We plan to release an independent film that captures our journey from the Streets at San Jose until our arrival at Cuba and the cultural exchange made.

Our crowd-funding campaign was released via Go Fund Me, the goal is €3000 to fund airplane and basic travelling expenses for the band and crew.

Hello Everyone! We are Avenida Blues ‌a traditional blues band in Costa Rica. We have recently reached our first anniversary! This is a little bit of our story, philosophy and future project. One night George (guitar/vocals) after meditating it a lot, decided to jump on the busking scene...


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