Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Chris Aaron 2007 Born With The Blues

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:47:45
Size: 103,68 MB

United States

Album Notes

"Born With the Blues", the excellent, long out-of-print, debut studio disc by outstanding blues/rock guitarist CHRIS AARON, features 11 songs (51 minutes) of superb, top-shelf, amazingly solid blues/rock riffage that stands tall with the best of them. A dynamic, diverse, mature blues/rock heavy guitar disc full of depth, soul and blues power.

Hailing from the mid-west but sounding like he was born and raised in Austin, Chris Aaron is an awesome stratmaster who plays the guitar with style, class & passion like a true, professional, seasoned blues/rock veteran. In staying true to the disc "title" , Aaron was definitely "Born With The Blues". He is the real deal and his playing is right up there with the best of them. Complete with killer bluesy heavy guitar riffage, smokin' hot licks and awesome, clean, soulful, bluesy vocals supplied by the excellent vox talents of Erik Edwards, the "Born With The Blues" disc also features the stand-out powerhouse drumming of Bill Lordan (Robin Trower) who adds his special touch to the disc. In paying homage to brother Trower, the Chris Aaron: "Born With The Blues" disc features an incredible 8 minute studio jam version of "Bridge Of Sighs" to wind out the disc in fine blues/ rock heavy guitar power trio fashion. As an added Bonus, the "Born With The Blues" Grooveyard Records re-issue disc also includes an awesome Bonus Track in the form of a rare, unreleased, amazing "live in the studio" acoustic version of the "title" track featuring the ever-amazing Corey Sterling (Kenny Wayne Shepherd) on vocals. This phenomenal track is the perfect way to end this Classic, timeless, exceptional blues/rock guitar disc. "Born With The Blues" has finally landed.

"Born With the Blues" is an awesome blues/rock guitar disc that is HIGHLY recommended to fans of STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD, ROBIN TROWER, INDIGENOUS, WALTER TROUT, CHRIS DUARTE, JOE BONAMASSA, BUDDAHEADS, CRAIG ERICKSON, TONY SPINNER, SCARLET RUNNER, PHILIP SAYCE and other outstanding blues/rock axeslingers who know what time of day it is when it comes down to serious bluesy heavy guitar music. And fans of the 3 other awesome CHRIS AARON discs: "Freedom 5 Miles", "Get Off" & "American Standard" will definitely dig the awesome "Born With The Blues" disc.

Complete with a strong emphasis on "real" songs and talent, there is something here for anybody who digs top-shelf blues/rock guitar magic. Definitely a keeper for your music collection, tune into this highly entertaining, solid, blues/rock guitar "musical ride" from the Grooveyard.


01 - Across The Border 05:36

02 - Grain Of Salt 04:00

03 - Born With The Blues 04:24

04 - Soul Searching 03:34

05 - Sweet Honey Wine 00:49

06 - Texas Heat 03:23

07 - Mo' Money 02:54

08 - Love Chile 03:26

09 - Do It Again 05:32

10 - Bridge Of Sighs 08:00

11 - Born With The Blues (Acoustic) 06:07

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