Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Catfish 1971 Live Catfish

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 236 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:20
Size: 74,69 MB

United States

Album Notes:

It's been a long time full of sound checks half-drunk sodas and half-smoked cigarettes. Gettin' the mikes right and gettin' the lights lit; Watchin' the other groups drinkin' beer and watchin' Harry sleep.

Ready to roll


(Harry on piano stage left Jim on drums stage centre then Dennis then Dallas with Bob up front)

Bob Hodge and his friends smilin' "Hello" into "Nowhere to run" Band's gettin' off good and the audience stomps and claps and cheers into "Nowhere" and then into "Money" Motown music for motown people.

Into "300 pound fat Mama" the old song that lets 'em stretch out and lets the chick give 'em a little something t'keep 'em goin' an' gives the crowd a chance t'react an' loosen up.

Catfish is playin' home ground the same home ground that bought the first Catfish album an' that has kept 'em alive for a year since then. An' the crowd knows it. They're pullin' out the stops an" sweatin a lot. Here's a thing called "Mississippi River" An' the Eastown's coming apart. It's Rock 'n' Roll time in Detroit an' when it's Rock an' Roll time in Detroit it's a good time to be in. "Letter t'Nixon" is more Rock 'n' Roll time an' people are gettin' crazy an' shakin' ass all the way through to the end

Jumpin' on stage an' clappin' an' singin' an' bein' alive. People in Detroit come alive a lot an' they like to Rock 'n' Roll

So Catfish gives 'em "Whole lotta shakin'."

And that's how it was: raunchy and dirty Rock 'n' Roll Music t'sweat by.


Bob "Catfish" Hodge - Vocals, Guitar
Dallas Hodge - Lead Guitar
Dennis Cranner - Bass
Jimmy Demers - Drums
Harry Phillips - Keyboards
John Hill - Piano on "Nowhere To Run"


01 - Nowhere To Run 03:45

02 - Money 04:37

03 - 300 Pound Fat Mama 14:07

04 - Mississippi River 06:56

05 - Letter To Nixon 11:33

06 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 03:22

Gamble for more Catfish

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