Monday, April 17, 2017

Black Cat Bone (Germany) 1997 Taylormade (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 267 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:59:25
Size: 118,13 MB

Germany United Kingdom

I bought this CD because Mick Taylor played with the German band Black Cat Bone. It was released in 1997, I was surprised by the members of Black Cat Bone. Mick Taylor plays on 5 of the 12 tracks, but the other 7 by Black Cat Bone were really good.

"Cold Champagne" was one of these songs. Hans-Jörg Müller plays some really great guitar. I'd never heard of any of these German musicians before. "Mercy,Mercy" has some good keyboard guitar exchanges, Linus Wahls' keyboard compliments Müllers' guitar quit well. Of course all the songs Mick Taylor plays on show what a real talent he is, "Wake Up Call" is the only song he plays the solo lead guitar, the rhythm section of Stephan Wegner on bass and Uli Wagner drums keep everything very tight with a solid beat. Müller keeps up with Taylor on "Blind Willie McTell".

Over all I'd say "Taylormade" is one of those hidden gems, you wouldn't think the supporting band would fit so well with Taylor but "surprise"....this album is worth the listen. (drsplash)


01 - Wake Up Call 04:20

02 - Ain't That I Don't Love You 04:02

03 - The Stumble 03:24

04 - Cold Champagne 04:24

05 - Blind Willie McTell 10:16

06 - Mick's Song 06:28

07 - Get Out Of My Life Woman 04:51

08 - Slow Blues 04:20

09 - Heart Fixin' Man 04:36

10 - Mercy, Mercy 04:30

11 - Italian Summer 03:57

12 - Blue Shadows 04:17

Gamble for more Black Cat Bone (Germany)

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