Friday, March 3, 2017

James Harman 1998 Takin' Chances

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:16
Size: 137,89 MB

United States

review by Sigmund Finman

James Harman is incapable of making a bad album. Here, as in any of his previous releases, his vocals and harmonica playing are prominently featured. His writing is better than average, and he portrays the common themes of the blues in a collection of songs about gambling and love. His full, Southern gospel-inflected vocals are always a treat to listen to, and he plays electrified harp in the Little Walter style with the best of them.

As always, his choice of sidemen, especially guitar players, is first-class. They embody the sound of jump blues from the late '40s and Chicago in the '50s and add considerable spark to the album. On three cuts, Harman plays some very tasty acoustic harmonica, a la Sonny Boy Williamson II, which show his mastery of the instrument even without the excitement which amplification adds. It's good to see James Harman keeping the flame of postwar urban blues burning so brightly.


01 - Modern Number Game 04:22

02 - Five'll Getcha Ten 06:01

03 - Somebody...Th'owd Bad Luck On Me 03:34

04 - Gamblin' Blues 03:44

05 - Sweet, Sweet Dream 03:33

06 - Frolictime 05:34

07 - Crapshoot 03:41

08 - Old Man Eyes 03:53

09 - Decisions 05:26

10 - Lucky Dog 04:29

11 - Let It Ride 05:05

12 - Read My Mind 04:49

13 - Takin' Chances 06:05

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