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Al Basile 2007 The Tinge

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:22
Size: 133,47 MB

United States

Album Notes

Al Basile’s sixth solo CD The Tinge shows off all his skills, adding a generous helping of his rich cornet sound to the mix of exceptional songwriting and soulful singing which marked his last two releases, Blue Ink and Groovin’ in the Mood Room. It also reunites him with bandmates from the original Roomful of Blues, and with producer Duke Robillard taking his usual guitar chair, touches on Kansas City swing as well as Soul Jazz on its journey through the blues territories Basile’s explored throughout his thirty-five year career. A lifetime of musical influences from Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton to Stanley Turrentine and Memphis Soul - The Tinge puts it all together.

Loosely based on the use of Jelly Roll’s “Spanish Tinge” rhythm as it anchored styles from early jazz in the twenties through classic soul in the sixties, the Tinge adds keyboardist Bruce Katz and saxes Doug James and Rich Lataille to Basile’s mainstay rhythm section of Duke on guitar, Marty Ballou on bass, and Mark Teixeira.

Basile’s songs are superbly crafted in varied styles, his lyrics are sharp and add a personal dimension, and the arrangements fit his vocals like skin on a sausage. This time, though, he’s also written songs which show off his varied cornet voices, from the open horn of “Go Back Home to the Blues” to the Harmon muted “Wait and See,” and he features his Cootie Williams-influenced plunger mute on several tunes. The backup provided by former section mates James and Lataille gives a distinctly Roomful flavor to songs like “Too Slow,” which is a vocal tribute to Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson, whom Roomful backed up memorably in Basile’s early Roomful days, and the swinging blues “Not the Wrong Woman.”

Basile’s writing also stretches from the melodic fifties-Armstrong jazz style in “While We’re Dancing” to the electric slide guitar-based “You’re Still Right (And I’m Still Gone), to roots-drenched songs like “Can I Trust You With a Kiss” and “She’s in Love With Losing” - which Duke classifies simply as “Al Basile music.”

As familiar as some of the flavors of The Tinge may be - nothing short of the richest, best-made American music of the last century - Basile serves up a uniquely satisfying dish which deserves to be on your regular menu.


01 - Go Back Home To The Blues 03:43

02 - Just Wait And See 04:44

03 - Airlift My Heart 05:43

04 - Not The Wrong Woman 03:57

05 - Can I Trust You With A Kiss? 04:20

06 - Give Me The Rainbow 04:19

07 - Too Slow 07:31

08 - While We're Dancing 03:49

09 - Daddy Got A Problem 04:45

10 - She's In Love With Losing 03:57

11 - You're Still Right 04:13

12 - Losing My Cool 04:25

13 - Strawberries And Cream 02:56

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