Monday, February 27, 2017

Ten Years After 1974 Positive Vibrations (LL)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 278 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 01:23:04
Size: 158,11 MB

United Kingdom

Viele, die sich "Positive Vibrations" erstmalig anhören, werden erstaunt sein, dass es ein Album von Ten Years After gibt, das fast ganz ohne den bekannten "I'm Goin' Home" Effekt auskommt. Hier wird Songwriting geboten, das es auf keiner anderen TYA Platte in der Form zu hören gibt. Alvin Lee & Co. zeigten sich hier von einer neuen, anderen musikalischen Seite. Seien es balladeske Sachen wie das wunderschöne Titelstück, oder cool groovende Songs wie "Stone Me", "Without You" oder gar das leicht ange-FUNK-te "Look Me Straight Into The Eyes", wer über den Blues-Tellerrand hinaus zu hören bereit ist, der wird hier ein Werk finden, dass von A bis Z begeistert. (



01 - Nowhere To Run 04:01

02 - Positive Vibrations 04:18

03 - Stone Me 04:55

04 - Without You 03:59

05 - Going Back To Birmingham 02:39

06 - It's Getting Harder 04:24

07 - You're Driving Me Crazy 02:25

08 - Look Into My Life 04:16

09 - Look Me Straight In The Eyes 06:18

10 - I Wanted To Boogie 03:36


01 - Rock & Roll Music To The World (Frankfurt) 04:23

02 - Once There Was A Time (Frankfurt) 03:22

03 - Spoonful (Paris) 06:24

04 - I'm Going Home (Paris) 11:36

05 - Standing At The Station (Amsterdam) 11:00

06 - Sweet Little Sixteen (Atlanta) 04:51

07 - Positive Vibrations (Radio Ad 1974) 00:37

Gamble for more Ten Years After


AussieRock said...

Hey Gambler

Can I please 'roll the dice' and ask for a re-upload of this Ten Years After classic

Cheers from Down Under

The Bluesgambler said...

hey AussieRock,

I need not re-upload this link cause the post has (more Than) one working mirror. Please (always) check the qr-code label or an animated smiley at the end of my posts, these both hide mirror links. And if a post has a spectrogram it even hides a link to the lossless file.

Enjoy it!

AussieRock said...

Thanks Bluesgambler - totally missed these hidden links
One of the Mirrors was still alive so I finally got it

Many thanks - this is my favourite TYA album with their Double Live coming a close second. it was sad to hear of Alvin Lee's passing recently, a true blue's virtuoso

Cheers from Down Under