Friday, February 17, 2017

Robert Vaughn & The Dead River Angels 1994 Robert Vaughn & The Dead River Angels

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:28
Size: 115,41 MB

United States

Robert Vaughn and the Dead River Angels is not likely to strike a chord of familiarity, which is really too bad, because what's good here is killer good. Mr. Vaughn and his ace band, when at their best as on tracks such as River Queen, River Of Love, or Ride Angel Ride are a tour de force, crackling with energy and spirit. Some of the ballads, such as 4th Of July or Upon This Lonesome Sea, also hit their mark, stirring up powerful emotions.

Mr. Vaughn, clearly the principal personality here, invests quite a bit into these feisty songs, but one reason most folks will never have heard this CD is that the music here cannot be slotted into those neat, artificial categories required to get any airplay. When revved up, the band sounds like an amalgam of the Eagles (predating Hotel California, back when their best ever musician Bernie Leadon was still in the fold), the Outlaws, Steve Forbert, and a dose of Springsteen's power chords. (loce_the_wizard)


01 - River Queen 04:50

02 - 4th Of July 05:16

03 - Upon This Lonesome Sea 04:35

04 - You Could Be Mine 06:22

05 - River Of Love 04:31

06 - Heartbreak & Ecstasy 02:36

07 - Ride Angel Ride 03:38

08 - Heart To Stone 05:18

09 - Blue Country 04:56

10 - Poor Man's Revolution 02:48

11 - Have You Ever Seen The Rain 05:38

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