Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Johnny Winter 2012 Live Bootleg Series Vol. 8 (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 258 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:52:54
Size: 105,18 MB

United States

Review by Steve Leggett

The eighth volume in Johnny Winter's Live Bootleg Series, a series he oversees, drawing live tracks from his personal archives, features Winter's signature blistering guitar leads on Freddie King's "Tore Down," Chuck Berry's "Roll Over Beethoven, and a pair of Elmore James covers, "Stranger Blues" and "Done Somebody Wrong," among other selections. This is Winter in full electric blues mode, and the sound, while spotty, is decent enough, although nothing here is going to change one's perceptions of Winter as a guitarist and performer one way or the other. His most ardent fans will love this, though, and that's who this release is intended to please.


01 - Introduction 00:16

02 - Give It Back 08:04

03 - Tore Down 06:47

04 - Stranger Blues 06:33

05 - Done Somebody Wrong 06:55

06 - Have You Ever Loved A Woman 13:27

07 - Roll Over Beethoven 10:52

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