Thursday, February 23, 2017

Eric Von Schmidt 1969 Who Knocked The Brains Out Of The Sky

Genre: Blues
Rate: 231 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:37:22
Size: 59,19 MB

United States

Of course we had heard about Eric von Schmidt for many years. The name itself had become a password. Eventually, after standing in line to meet him, there it was — his doorstep, a rainy day, and he greeted his visitors, inviting them in. He was told how much they liked GRIZZLY BEAR and he then invited the whole bunch to the Club where he was about to perform the thing live, "C'mon down to the Club," he said— "I'm about to perform it live." We accepted the invitation. And that's what this record is. An invitation. An invitation to the glad, mad, fad, biting, exciting, frightening, crabby, happy, enlightening, hugging, chugging world of Eric von Schmidt. For here is a man who can sing the bird off the wire and the rubber off the tire. He can separate the men from the boys and the note from the noise; the bridle from the saddle and the cow from the cattle. He can play the tune of the moon, the why of the sky, and the commotion of the ocean. Yes he can — and he is also a hell of a guy. (Bob Dylan)


01 - Who Knocked The Brains Out Of The Sky 04:04

02 - Beanum And Barley 04:56

03 - Three Mules 00:47

04 - Living On The Corner 03:47

05 - Sudden Garden 04:39

06 - Catch It 03:27

07 - Bitter City 03:20

08 - Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather 04:46

09 - Hundred Acre Wood 02:57

10 - Weep For The Wooden Man 04:39

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