Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blues Cargo 2009 Delayed Delivery

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:06:03
Size: 151,16 MB


Blues Cargo are from Athens, Greece, the birthplace of civilization, Ouzo and sunshine; they have been playing together since nineteen eighty-seven, having released their debut album “First Delivery,“ in nineteen ninety-three on the Pegasus label; we now fifteen years later in two thousand and ten, have their follow up album. I must say that regardless of the passage time it definitely has been well worth the wait, for on the fourteen fluidly arranged numbers you can feel that the band are as crisp and tight as the production, that startlingly and fortunately not too faithfully evokes pleasant memories of classic and contemporary hard driving Chicago blues. The whole album seems to contain the exuberant feeling and atmosphere of a highly charged live rolling revue, after each number not only do you have the urge to applaud you also expect to hear the whooping of the crowd in the background.

During the intervening fifteen years BG have been busy honing and shaping their style by backing virtually all the American bluesmen that have visited the islands, artists such as Louisiana Red, Lurrie Bell, Guitar Shorty, Byther Smith and U.P. Wilson to name but a few.

One of the most satisfying sounds on the album is the delicious blending of B.B. King and John Lee Hooker influenced guitar solos and flurries, accompanied by a very fluid, rolling and jumping piano; backed with a rich creamy and powerful horn section that is very reminiscent of ‘The Tower of Power’ sound, in the seventies. Also, a deeply, soulful predatory organ menacingly prowls and growls in the background to great effect.

I thoroughly enjoyed this album, most certainly recommended it! (Brian Harman)


01 - Straight Tequila 02:57

02 - Don't Want To Be Crazy 05:31

03 - Everyday I Have The Blues 03:40

04 - 95 Percent 05:02

05 - Ain't That I Don't Love You 04:36

06 - Boogie 69 04:38

07 - I Got The Blues 06:17

08 - Handy Man 05:51

09 - Go Away 04:44

10 - Emptiness 05:59

11 - Garbage Bin 04:04

12 - Two Wheel Mama 04:11

13 - Six Hundred Miles 04:58

14 - I Don't Care 03:35

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