Saturday, February 18, 2017

Armand & Bluesology 1998 Everything I Need

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:06:46
Size: 152,71 MB

United States

If you consider yourself a Blues aficionado, then take a deep breath, put this CD in your player, sit back, and get ready to be electricfied, or should I say bluesified. Armand Lenchek's music, his style, his emotion, and his "attitude" will penetrate your soul. While typically, a CD does not give the listener the same "umph" a live concert provides, Armand's "Everything I Need" will certainly have you enjoying every note and word late into the evening. Of course, live in concert, Armand Lenchek will have you focused, listening intently, and tapping your foot. Armamd Lenchek covers a wide variety of blues with some jazzy tones that just makes you feel good. Do not miss out on this CD. It's a keeper! (Henry)


01 - Everything I Need 04:27

02 - Love Songs Are Lies 04:44

03 - Mike's Mood 05:50

04 - Cold Cold World 07:59

05 - I'll Play The Blues For You 06:39

06 - Armand's Attitude 04:58

07 - After Midnight 08:01

08 - Pickin' Cotton 05:44

09 - What's Goin' On 04:37

10 - Something's Fishy 05:06

11 - Dance Hobo Dance 05:37

12 - Makin' Love 03:04

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