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Sky High 2002 Freedom

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:09:56
Size: 95,92 MB


Album Notes

Freedom, the 12th album from SKY HIGH, featuring "critically acclaimed" Swedish blues/rock guitar legend Clas Yngstrom, is a heavy guitar revelation which includes 16 killer trax (69 minutes) of outstanding, blistering-hot, intense powerful blues/rock riffage of the highest order.

On Freedom (their first disc for GROOVEYARD RECORDS, a new label dedicated to TOTAL GUITAR), SKY HIGH went into a studio in the backwoods of Sweden earlier this year and laid down the blues/rock law. Going back to their heavy power trio roots and keeping true to the format, Clas Yngstrom & Sky High recorded Freedom "live" in the studio and got down to some serious blues/rock business. This is the way REAL blues/rock music is meant to be played...RAW, LOUD & HARD or, as we like to refer to it @ the grooveyard, "RAW BLUES POWER!!!"

On the Freedom sessions, Clas & Co. dig deep into their best & heaviest material, complete with several kool surprises including a "bad-ass" version of "Freedom" by Hendrix. The end result features some of the most incredible, fierce, over-the-top, awesome beyond all reason HEAVY GUITAR THREE PIECE KICK ASS CYCODELIC BLOOZE ROCK you have ever heard.

Sky High has been together in one form or another kicking blues/rock ass for over two decades (23 years to be exact), played on over 25 t.v. shows, had two top 10 singles and have gigged extensively around the world with over 3000 gigs under their belts including tours of India, Ecuador, Japan, and playing in front of 300,000 people at the "Glasnost '88 Rock Fest." They have also had their music featured in the film "The American Way" starring Dennis Hopper and have even "jammed" with Z.Z. TOP (according to the blues/rock gospel, Billy Gibbons aka Rev. Willy G. preaches that Clas Yngstrom is a guitar GOD!!!)

Although relatively unknown in the States, Clas Yngstrom is well known in certain circles throughout the rest of the world and, for people not familar with Sky High, Freedom is the perfect place to start. For those of you who are familiar with Clas Yngstrom, this is the SKY HIGH album you have been waiting for brother Clas to get down on. On the Freedom disc he takes his guitar rite over the edge and he never looks back. Clas Yngstrom is without a doubt one of the greatest get-down hendrixy heavy guitar axeslingers we have ever heard and he waves his blues/rock heavy guitar freak flag HIGH on Freedom.

The SKY HIGH - Freedom disc is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to fans of JIMI HENDRIX, STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN, ROBIN TROWER, FRANK MARINO, ERIC GALES, GARY MOORE, ERIC CLAPTON with CREAM, classic vintage-era Z.Z. TOP and just about any other killer get-down rippin' blues/rock axemaster you have ever heard. Clas Yngstrom is definitely rite up there with the BEST of them and he deserves all the credit he can get.

As an added bonus, Swedish guitar virtuoso Thomas Larsson guests on "Bluestown" & "I ain't beggin'" where the two Swedish axemasters rip and tear it up on these two killer trax.

Serious blues/rock fans take note: if you dig your blues hard and heavy with an emphasis on the guitar, then Sky High is the band for you and Freedom will hit you where it counts and blow you away completely.


01 - Back To The Start 03:35

02 - Boogie For Peace 03:33

03 - Freedom 03:51

04 - Jimi 05:29

05 - Sisters And Brothers 04:52

06 - Bluestown 04:58

07 - Blues For The Green 06:02

08 - I'm Still Rockin' 02:51

09 - Go On Home 03:41

10 - I Ain't Beggin' 04:05

11 - You Can't Break Me 04:35

12 - Evil Eye 03:24

13 - Money Blues 04:59

14 - I Want You 05:06

15 - All Along The Watchtower 05:01

16 - Restless Love 03:54

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