Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Shawn Pittman With The Moeller Bros 2010 Lowdown

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:08
Size: 139,77 MB

United States

Some of this was recorded at the original Fort Horton Studios (aka Billy Horton's living room) in 2000. Just a three piece with , Johnny Moeller, J. Moeller, and myself. It sat in my closet ten years and I decided to show it to an Italian agent I was working with at the time in 2010. He liked it and wanted to put it out as "promo" just to sell off the band stand (live and learn, because they are still being sold even on CDBABY!) Even though I spent most of the capital for the record, we haven't made a cent from it. At least the Moeller's got paid for playing on it! That's more than I can say!...But maybe you can't always measure everything by money...

All that aside...I decided to put it up for sale so I can at least fight fire with fire. I came up with another cover myself and here it is. The proper name for this is 'Lowdown' (not the idiotic 'Triple Troubles' that is being spread everywhere). That's my side of the story. Two guitars and drums. Raw as all get out. Hope you enjoy! (Shawn Pittman)


01 - Hand It Off 03:11

02 - Tell Me 03:38

03 - Hell Or High Water 04:05

04 - Be My Queen 04:12

05 - 24 Hours Ain't Enough 04:23

06 - The Judge Should Know 05:23

07 - My Home Is A Prison 04:45

08 - Movin' 04:53

09 - I've Had Enough 03:06

10 - One Thing On My Mind 04:25

11 - I Got A Call 04:01

12 - Train Blues 03:50

13 - Too Much Noise 03:22

14 - Step By Step 04:02

15 - Do Yo Best & Can' Da Rest 03:52

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Many, many thanks!!

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