Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Johnny Winter 2008 Live Bootleg Series Vol. 3 (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 253 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:54:29
Size: 97,48 MB

United States

WOW! A rockin' live blues compilation that is not to be missed! Virtuoso guitarist and blues-belter Johnny Winter has cranked up another scorcher with Volume 3 of his Bootleg series. Don't let the "Bootleg" title fool you, this, along with Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 1 and Live Bootleg Series, Volume Two, is a Johnny Winter-project from beginning to end with high production values, great liner notes, and excellent sound for the most part. Everything you hear is rare stuff from the personal archives of Johnny Winter that he wanted the fans to hear. Over five decades into his very imposing musical career, which has also seen him play with and produce some of the world's greatest blues legends while becoming a blues legend himself, with this CD compilation Mr Winter has 'cranked it up a notch' with these rare recordings. His vital vocals are especially raw and his slide-friendly Firebird & potent Lazer guitar solos are as awe-inspiring and mind-boggling as ever. Backed by solid groups, there are no 'slick' songs to be heard as Mr Winters and his groups keep one foot in the 'gut-bucket' at all times. BTW, the CD cover features one of the coolest Winter photos ever.

The 'best of the best' begins with an amazing 15-minute version of the Bobby "Blue" Bland-associated "I Smell Trouble' and it is breathtaking to hear from the standpoint of the group interplay, urgent vocal delivery, and the guitar wizardry which are on full display: add this to your list of very special Johnny Winter performances. For many of us, Johnny has just taken over ownership of Bob Dylan's classic "Highway 61 Revisted" and any Winter live appearance is automatically amped up when it's included. Here he serves it up again BIG TIME, adding in some blazing Firebird guitar licks along with his trademark slide-guitar chordings and echo tremolos. The appearance of the legendary but under-appreciated guitarist and composer Pat Hare's star-crossed song "I'm Gonna Murder My Baby" should attract the interest of any blues fan to 'this song with a true life twist' (unfortunately Hare did just that and died in prison) and Mr Winter's performance is AWESOME. Then Robert Johnson's venerable "Stones In My Pass Way" is Johnny and his steel guitar alone in a mesmerizing, heartfelt performance that seems to stun the audience. One of the best CDs of 2008, "Johnny Winter, Live Bootleg Series, Vol. 3" gets My Highest Recommendation. Bravo, Johnny Winter! (RBSProds)


01 - Mojo Boogie 07:58

02 - Stranger Blues 06:54

03 - I Smell Trouble 15:34

04 - Boot Hill 04:59

05 - Stones In My Pass Way 03:39

06 - I'm Gonna Murder My Baby 06:40

07 - Highway 6 Revisited 08:45

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