Saturday, January 28, 2017

Freddie North 1975 Cuss The Wind

Genre: Soul
Rate: 237 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:28:59
Size: 50,29 MB

United States

Sophisticated deep soul from Freddie North – recorded in a great mood that mixes Freddie's down home vocals with some warm backings that share just the right amount of strings with subtle soul – an approach that really has North on the forefront of some of the southern soul changes that were taking place at the time! The result is really great – a deeply proud album that steps past its roots to a much larger goal, and which stands as some of Freddie's best work from the time – majestic, free of cliche, and a treasure that's still waiting to be discovered by a much larger audience! (Dusty Groove, Inc.)


01 - Cuss The Wind 03:24

02 - My Whole World Ended 05:20

03 - Love To Hate 03:37

04 - Sun Comes Up 02:29

05 - Gotta Go Get Your Mommy 03:24

06 - I Loved Another Woman 02:58

07 - Oh Lord, What Are You Doing 03:09

08 - Rainy Night In Georgia 04:38

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