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Blues Cousins 2001 Hoochie Coochie Man (LL)

Genre: Blues-Rock
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In 2000 the Blues Cousins was awarded the best blues band at “Blues Sur Seine” festival in France among 57 bands from all over the globe.

Few weeks later Levan Lomidze (lead guitarist and the singer) was awarded by the Moscow government for the gig –“Blues Against the Drugs”

In 2003 and 2004 the band made two big (three month) tours in USA performing more than 70 gigs and took part in 15 blues festivals in Washington, Idaho, Montana and other states.

In the summer of 2004 Blues Cousins singed contract with “Jazz Stream Records” ( USA ) and recorded and released live CD in USA.

In January 2005 the Blues Cousins made another tour in Washington and Montana.

This way The Blues Cousins became the first Russian blues band recognized and demanded in US - the homeland of blues and jazz. (

Here are some press reviews from US:

I am blown away. These guys rock. Really rock. Coolest rocking blues band I have heard in too many moons. I am in love. The guitar player in this trio is Levan Lomidze and he's the deal. If you don't believe me how great they are you can check them out. They will headline the City Hall Stage on Friday night. (by Craig Heimbigner "INSIDE BLUES" 2004 vol.13-- USA Wa.)

The Blues Cousins, packing more firepower than a platoon of T-72 tanks, ripped it up as Friday's headliner. On the big stage these Moscow boys were larger than life and showed their world class skills at working the crowd. Killer show. ("BLUES REVIEW" June/July2004-USA )

If you saw them last year, you know what's in store this weekend, when The Blues Cousins explode on stage with there 12-bar blues/rock, guaranteed to blow listeners away. Considered the hottest blues act in Russia, Blues Cousins features versatile lead guitarist/vocalist Levan Lomidze (among the top 10 most honored guitarists in Russian history) playing riffs reminiscent of Carlos Santana's note-banding stile and Jimi Hendrix's tremolos. ("Bellingham Weekly" vol.2#312 7/29-8/4.2004 USA Washington)


01 - Crossroads 03:44

02 - Hoochie Coochie Man 03:54

03 - Sleepless Night 03:09

04 - Johnny Guitar 03:32

05 - What You Want Me To Do 04:22

06 - You Better Watch Yourself 03:13

07 - I'll Be Waiting 04:36

08 - You Don't Love Me 03:01

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