Friday, January 13, 2017

Backsliders 2007 Left Field Holler (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 257 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:44:39
Size: 83,61 MB


The band's 10th album captures the tough raw edge of Backsliders live performances with an eclectic array of original and diverse tunes. From the opening track ‘Duke‘ – a tribute to a surfing legend – through the to the hard punching ‘Fuck you Shock-Jock‘ (no lyrical explanation required here) and the Mekong delta inspired ‘Antihero‘ and ‘Vietnam People‘, this album is a mix of hard hitting, frenetic new blues anthems and poignant ballads. In what has become a signature trademark on Backsliders releases, two low-fi recordings of early 20th century blues songs are a welcome inclusion.

The distinctive powerhouse drum and low-tuned slide-guitar combination of Rob Hirst and Dom Turner is supported by the searing harmonica of two of Australia‘s leading harmonica exponents on most tracks: either the legendary, and much-emulated harmonica master, Brod Smith (Dingoes, Brod Smith‘s Big Combo), or renowned ARIA award winning harp genius, Ian Collard (Collard, Greens and Gravy).

What will be of no surprise to fans is that Backsliders have again stretched the boundaries with ‘Left Field Holler‘. Since the band‘s first release in the late 1980‘s, Backsliders have strived for a uniqueness evolving the raw sounds of Mississippi delta blues and melding them into their own original style. And this album is no exception. This is Australian blues based on interpretation rather than re-creation. (


01 - Duke 03:47

02 - Fuck You Shock Jock 02:46

03 - Evil Cloud 03:31

04 - Vietnam People 02:32

05 - 60's Girl 03:51

06 - I Wish You Would 03:12

07 - Antihero 03:21

08 - Godspeed 04:07

09 - Write Me A Few Lines 03:07

10 - Parish Pariah 04:04

11 - Cowboy In The Whitehouse 03:20

12 - Look What The West Has Done 02:44

13 - Hard Times Killing Floor 04:17

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